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A ballistic knife is a knife with a detachable blade that can be ejected using a spring system. Depending on the knife, you can use a lever or trigger to eject the blade, and the blade can move a few meters once it is thrown. This is accomplished by placing the blade on the hollow handle and locking it inside. The spring in the handle is used to push the blade when activated, making it an ideal tool for outdoor adventurous activities.

It is a common misconception that it is a type of weapon, but in fact, it is a hybrid tool, which is a very useful tool if you are outdoors. The handle of this tool is hollow and has a spring inside. When it is not compressed, its length is approximately twice the length of the entire knife. When locked, the blade holds the spring and remains compressed unless the trigger or lever is pulled. When the blade is locked, you can use this tool to cut objects just like any other outdoor knife. 

There are some models of these tools which use compressed air or gas propulsion for it to have more power, while other tools are only powered by a spring. Because of this, the knife tends to fly further, as the blade has nothing to keep itself straight or even balanced in the air. It may probably tumble too a couple of yards after flying.

Best ballistic knife
Best ballistic knife

The spring-based ballistic knife will be relatively silent as compared to the tool having the firearm version. 

The blade would also not be able to cover much of the distance. Since it is a machine which is based on the spring, it does not require gunpowder. you can simply reload it by sliding the blade inside the handle again.

There are many versions of this tool, and some versions have springs strong enough to push the blade to the foot. It measures approximately 5-10 inches and can launch blades at a speed of up to 39 mph. Since the advancement of mankind for thousands of years, from the ancient era of barbaric hunting to the era of modern civilized life, the ability to adapt to diverse environments has always been an indispensable skill for the survival of humans on earth.

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In addition to this, it is equally important in history that humans had to make many types of tools and weapons to fight against other powerful enemies and dynamic animals. We do this to help perform other simpler tasks, such as separating fruits from trees, all for our own survival. Today, these tools and weapons can be replaced by ballistic knives.

A lot of credit also goes to the technological developments that are happening today, that the handcrafting of different types of dull tools and weapons for various purposes has been replaced by a simple ballistic knife for multi-purpose uses. Now, a ballistic knife is all you need when you have to travel in the mysteriously dangerous wild or even in the urban cities, close to where you stay. 

In short, a ballistic knife is essentially a blade that is connected to a hollow handle that is mounted inside another outer hollow handle that contains a coil spring. The coil spring is compressed in the handle, and the latch can resist the pressure of the spring to fix the blade downward. When the latch is released, the knife and connected internal handle are released “ballistically.”


Many people believe that ballistic knives were made in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. It was probably designed by the KGB and later handed over to the Russian military. A Russian company called Ostblock made them specifically for Russian special forces (also known as Spetsnaz). 

The reason for the creation of ballistic knives was to have a quieter and more precise alternative to throwing knives. Although you might think that throwing a normal knife is quiet, in some cases it is not quiet enough. You have to work hard to throw the knife at a great distance. That will definitely produce some kind of noise. With a ballistic knife, there is no noise.

Another theory behind the manufacture of ballistic knives is also related to Russian special forces. The Spetsnaz unit received training in the technique of throwing knives. But the time to train everyone is limited. Considering how difficult it is to teach someone how to throw a knife correctly, an alternative must be found. It was then that ballistic knives began to work for Russian special forces or at least, they were said to have done it.

As the ballistic knife became increasingly popular in Russia, an unlicensed version of this knife entered the United States. By the mid-1980s, they had achieved commercial success. Unfortunately, for knives there, they were quickly banned from crossing state lines shortly after. A senator from New York thought they were too dangerous for ordinary people and drafted a bill to ban them in his state. The bill did not pass, but it quickly gained momentum in other states in the United States. In the end, the ban received a federal appeal and was approved. Ballistic knives aren’t completely illegal if your state allows it, you can own them, but you can’t take them to any other state.


  • The main objective of this tool is protection. If you are threatened and have no weapons to protect yourself, then a ballistic knife can help you a lot. Since it works with a spring mechanism, it is also very silent. 
  • The fact that it is a very quiet tool is one of the main reasons people speculate that it was used by the Russian military, even though there are many question marks in this story. Today, many people think that special forces have learned to use this weapon, but there is hardly any practical application on the battlefield. 
  • In addition to being able to shoot, when locked in place, the tool will work like a normal outdoor knife. You can use it to chop branches, vines, and many other uses. However, it should be noted that these knives are very sharp and like any other outdoor knives, can be deadly. Therefore, please use this tool wisely and carefully. 
  • Its main purpose is the same as any other knife you encounter. The ballistic knife is still a knife, but the novelty of the detachable blade is added. Ballistic knives can still meet the needs of common knife holders: self defense, hunting related activities, traversing obstacles (i.e. branches in the forest), etc. 
  • Speaking of self defense, it has an added benefit. You can turn it into a pistol-like weapon, even if it has a short range. Instead of throwing a knife at someone, you will only shoot the blade. If you miss the target, you cannot grab the blade and be used against you like any normal knife. 
  • In special forces, ballistic knives are called “silent killers” because they are almost silent when used. They may be used for military missions that require greater stealth.


A ballistic knife has four parts: 

  • a detachable blade
  • a hollow handle 
  • a trigger 
  • a spring or a compressed air system

Supposing that our ballistic knife is spring-assisted, the knife would be attached like:

There is a spring inside the hollow handle. Outside the handle, there will be a trigger, which can be a switch or some kind of lever. All three things make up the entire handle, and then the knife is placed and locked in place. 

The spring inside the handle is not loose, but is compressed by the knife connected to it. Before you press the trigger to release the tension, the blade will lock in place and the knife can be used as a normal tool. 

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When the trigger is activated, the tension is released. The spring actively moves forward, so the blade is ejected. Depending on the durability, maintainability, and reliability of the spring, the tool can travel 20 feet at an average speed of 40 miles per hour. 

 After ejecting the knife, you can put it back in place and use it again. Ballistic knives that use compressed air use the same mechanism, but this model does not have a spring.


Best ballistic knife

  • Size and weight- If you are looking for an “everyday hand” knife, you may prefer a ballistic knife that is lighter and not too large because it takes up less space in your pocket and is more convenient to carry. However, if you have a larger hand, a relatively large ballistic knife is more suitable for you because it can provide greater grip comfort and prevent the blade from cutting through it.
  • Purpose of usage- It is important to understand your specific purpose and use of ballistic knives. For example, if you are looking for a more versatile knife that will allow you to serve first responders in an emergency, you might prefer a knife that also has a glass breaker and tape cutter. On the other hand, if self-defense is your main goal, you may need to equip a sharp double-edged blade to give you more confidence in fighting the enemy.
  • Outlook design and colours- Although this is not a big problem for certain groups of buyers, it is even more concerning for those who like colourful and designer, fancy knives. Especially for ballistic knife collectors, colorful knives and exotic yet eye-catching designs are more likely to be included in your collection list.


Answers vary in different countries and regions. For example, in the United States, it is only legal to buy ballistic knives manufactured or sold in your state, but it is illegal if you own, buy, sell, or import ballistic knives that cross the state line. Therefore, it is very important to fully understand the knife laws in your area before purchasing a ballistic knife to use. 

Although many things about this tool are uncertain, one thing is that it cannot be purchased in the United States without breaking the law, and the same is true in most other countries. The best chance to buy a genuine ballistic knife is to find one on the dark web (this does not guarantee that you will get one.) This is illegal and can cause you serious problems. However, if you really want one of these tools, you can make one for you in your state, as long as the state law does not prohibit knives. Before doing this, be sure to read the laws of your state carefully to make sure you won’t accidentally break the law and be punished for it. 

If you are a very hard worker and you know a knife shop, you can even make one yourself, because there are many different instructional videos on how to make your own ballistic knife on the Internet. If you are considered under an exception to the law, then you can also get one. In the case of these blades, it will only work if you are a member of the army and have a contract. In addition to these methods, it will be difficult for you to find a method without trouble.

We now know that a Ballistic knife is a hybrid tool that has a sort of complex history and distinct regard. There are different beliefs about the use of ballistic knives; some consider it to be a dangerous weapon and should be very strictly regulated, banned or prohibited. On the other hand, some people believe that it is a useful tool to be possessed when you are outdoors. However, we cannot call either one right or wrong, since both the viewpoints are valid.

There is also a lot of misinformation in the society about the use of ballistic knives that hurts the public opinion. Also, not to miss that it is very difficult to obtain this one for yourself, regardless of how beneficial or dangerous you think the ballistic knife to be. It would require plenty of research and jumping through a lot of loops to acquire a ballistic knife in actuality. If at any point, you get your hands on it, make sure to read up all the laws before going ahead into using it. 

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