Best Bokashi knives You Should Know | Buyer’s Guide

Have you always been keen on improving your chopping skills like the master chefs Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver ? Here are the Bokashi Knives Kasai Series to help you perfect your skills. Though the brand was launched in the year 2013, it has since then been very popular in the market & produces some of the best steel knives. The bokashi steel knives have received positive reviews in the global market & have been liked by customers across the world. 

The best part about this series of knives is it comes in an affordable price range. The entire range has been intricately designed & gives a stylish appeal to knives. The knives will be a perfect fit for your kitchen shelf & a perfect addition to your collection of knives. Bokashi steel exclusively deals in making kitchen knives & other accessories meant for the kitchen. 

Why choose Japanese Bokashi Knives? 

The knives are made specially from the steel brought from Japan & also the knives themselves are designed by the age-old japanese tradition. This feature adds on to the productivity & the durability of the knives. Unlike the western knives the Japanese Bokashi knives are designed with a single side cutting edge. 

They have the perfect sharpness & can be easily used as a meat cutting knife as well. Since ages Japanese knives have been regarded as the finest cutlery tools across the world. A beautifully crafted knife will definitely make the final dish more scrumptious looking . 

The finely chopped pieces add to the taste as well as the look of the dish. The best chefs from around the world therefore prefer Japanese knives over any other knives. Today in bokashi knives review we are going to give a detailed description about the product range & also list out pros & cons of the product.

  • Pros 

    • Effortless cutting – The bokashi steel knives provide effortless cutting at all costs. They have a fine cutting edge & can be used to cut everything from vegetables to steak. This feature helps you in dicing, chopping, slicing almost every edible item in your kitchen.
    • Aesthetic Look – Do you keep looking for items which adorn your kitchen shelves ? Yes, you are here at the right place, these knives have an aesthetic look. These are designed by the best craftsmen to make these knives look good along with its cutting features.
    • Sturdy Handle – The wooden handles of the knives provide us a better grip. A firm grip on the handle is required to offer a smooth cutting. Often knives which do not have sturdy handles can cause accidents & such knives are better not to be brought. While cutting & chopping safety of the customer is very important. Thus keeping the same fact in mind sturdy handles are made to avoid any such mishaps.
  • Cons 

    • More expensive than western knives – Because of the special design and the knives employ traditional Japanese ways of making them, these knives are a bit on the costlier side. The western counterpart of these knives comes at a cheaper rate whereas these knives are a bit high priced. 
    • More prone to rusting – The Japanese knives are made of a harder steel, whereas most western knives are made generally from stainless steels which have at least around 10% of chromium present in it. The chromium present in these western knives is put in order to prevent rusting.

On the other hand the Japanese knives are mostly carbon based which might lead to some amount of rusting at a later stage. But if the knife is maintained & kept properly it might not lead to any amount of rusting.

Guide about product

The bokashi steel steak knives have an entire range of products and today we are going to provide a guide to the curious customers about the same. As it is often said “a man without a knife is a man without a life”, so it is better to choose a knife which is the best in the market. Let’s have a look at the entire product range in the KASAI series : 

This knife, which has been handcrafted by age old Japanese tradition which is over 1000 year old process & it promises the best quality. Its wooden handle made out of pakka wood gives it an elegantlook & so does the entire knife with its aesthetic design. The wooden handle is carved out of pakka wood which makes it waterproof as well which is essential for its longevity. 

The knife provides a clean cut and can easily be used for cutting meat & steak. The blade has a much wider surface which indeed gives more support to our hand & thus makes it easier to use. The flater blade provides more age & precision while cutting.

As for the blade itself, it is made out of stainless steel which increases its durability & prevents it from getting corroded. The blade is approximately six inches long & provides a good balance while cutting. 

Do you have a collection of knives & it is becoming increasingly hard to keep them arranged ? Here is a Bokashi Steel Professional 6 Pocket Chef Knife Roll Bag from the Kasai Series to help you. This bag is useful for carrying knives for chefs, culinary arts students & can be kept at home as well for maintaining proper arrangement. & even useful for keeping the knives arranged in a perfect manner in a household. 


The bag is designed to keep six knives in all, apart from that it can easily use other culinary equipment such as meat cleavers, scissors, carving & pairing tools etc.  The knife roll out bag can hold a knife which is about 19.5 inches in length. It can easily store other accessories such as knife sharpener, any other similar type of kitchen tools as well.bokashi steel knives

  • Pros
    • Easy Storage – The knives fit very easily inside the bag. It makes a tight roll when buckled up, therefore it can easily fit anywhere and makes it effortless to carry it anywhere. The bag has good capacity to accommodate six knives along with some other useful equipment for cooking purposes.  
    • Durability – As the bag is made of synthetic fibre material it makes the bag durable and perfect fit for long time usage. The synthetic material makes it hardy & protects it from everyday wear & tear. This also makes the bag waterproof to an extent and keeps the knife inside the bag safe. Thus if you buy one bag you can easily use it for a long period of time.  
    • Can be easily carried- The bag can be easily carried because it comes with long handles like any other bags. Thus the bags can be easily carried on shoulders as well. The extra pair of handles with the bag helps it to adjust according to every person’s requirement. 
  • Cons
    • Expensive – The bag is made up of high quality material which makes it a bit more expensive than other knife bags available in the market. The material of the bag is also distinguishable from other bags easily available in the market. Owing to the bags amazing features a bit more price can be given for such a useful product. 

This is one of the finest knives among all bokashi steel steak knives, suitable for all kinds of miscellaneous tasks that can be done with a knife like chopping, peeling, mincing etc. Like all other knives in the KASAI series, this one is also made by a thousand year old Japanese tradition of making knives. Thus the knives go after many processes of perfection & then reach the customer. 

Featuresbokashi steel steak knives

The knife itself is an example of fine craftsmanship, the beautiful full tang blade and its aesthetic looking handle makes the perfect equipment for cutting. The knife is handcrafted , therefore each knife in the entire series is unique. The knife is made with stainless steel but its steel is much harder than other western knives. The finer edge of the knife makes precision cutting a very easy task altogether. The knife can be used for cutting any product be it fruits, vegetables or meat even.The blade is 8.6 inches long which provides wider surface for cutting. 

The knife is especially vacuum treated, this means that the knife is heated in the absence of oxygen with the help of some inert gas. The process itself is a costly one & needs utmost care while handling the stainless steel. This process especially hardens the steel used for making the knife. The knife therefore obtains extra strength, hardness & durability. 

The handle is made out of pakka wood which offers more grip & optimal balance for cutting. The handle is extremely sturdy and for the people who are learning culinary arts it provides them a stable grip.


  • Environment Friendly – As the knife’s steel is especially made by the vacuum process, it makes it safer for the environment. Even the handle is made out of pakka wood which is again an environment friendly material. The Bokashi brand is the only brand which takes an extra step in designing kitchen accessories which are user friendly as well as environment friendly.
  • High durability – The product is made in such a manner that it can easily be used for a long span of time. Apart from the minor wear & tear, the product stays fine as it was on the day one. The knife is designed in such a manner that it can be honed any time if the requirement arises.
  • Razor Sharp Edge – The razor edge makes cutting more refined and easier. This feature is essential for chefs who aim to have perfectly cut slices or pieces at all costs. 


The product does not have any such cons except the ones present in any japanese knives i.e the price range is a bit higher as compared to any other knives in the market. Apart from that the knife is perfectly useful for cutting purposes and is one the best one available in the market.

These sets of knives are serrated specially for cutting through tough sections of meat & makes a great choice for any kind of cutting purposes. Serrated knives are useful for cutting crusty bread since the crust will splinter much less therefore known as bread knives as well. These knives provide precision cutting along with some good looks. 

Features bokashi steel knives reviews

The knives come with a five inches long blade & beautifully carved wooden handle. These knives are vacuum treated like other knives in the series which makes it extra hard & increases its longevity. The knives are not likely to corrode even after heavy use. The serrated knives are mostly sharper than the average knives available in the market hence are a better choice. 

Like the other knives in the series these are made out of stainless steel & are vanadium reinforced as well.

The handle is again made out of pakka wood making it easier to get a strong grip on the knife. 


  • Comes in a set of four – The knives are available in a pair of two making it an easy buy & you certainly do not need to find a similar pair of knives for cooking purposes.
  • Japanese AUS-10 steel – The whole range comes in Aus-10 steel which has increased carbon content as compared to Aus- 8 steel blade therefore is more durable than other knives. Also the cutting is much sharper as the knife provides higher edge retention. The Aus-10 blades are the best quality blades available in the market & are superior in quality.
  • Affordable price range – These four sets of knives come in a much affordable price range as compared to other serrated knives. The other knives available in the market comprise the quality of knives where bokashi steak knives provide its customers the best quality. 


  • Comparatively brittle – Like other Japanese knives these knives tend to be more brittle than German knives or other western knives. This happens because the steel in the Japanese knives is harder compared to other western knives.    

Final Words 

The bokashi series knives are reliable kitchen accessories. Despite the few cons the knives serve their purpose well that is they are good for cutting, peeling, slicing, dicing & mincing. Their affordable price range as compared to other Japanese knives is what makes these popular among the users. 

For those who love to  decorate the dishes with the thinnest slice of tomatoes, these knives are perfect. Moreover Japanese knives mostly have razor sharpness especially these ones. Along with premium quality it looks good as well. These knives make the best gifts for those who want to enhance their culinary skills & for the newbies as well. 

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