Best Chocolate Fountain Review & Guide

There’s nothing more crowd-pleasing than a Best Chocolate Fountain. With the right ingredients and preparation, they’re easy to set up and run. Plus, your guests get all the chocolate they can handle. What’s not to love?

If you’re going to invest in a chocolate fountain for your events, you need to consider a few things carefully before deciding on the model. If you aren’t sure where to start, that’s ok. We’ve gathered a list of 5 amazing chocolate fountains for starters. And, we’ve given answers to a few questions regarding how to choose a fountain, what to do to prepare, and how to clean things up once your event is over. Also, you can check our last articles on Best old fashioned electric ice cream maker. Let’s get started.

VEVOR Commercial Chocolate Fountain Machine 

This stylish Best Chocolate Fountain is often used with various chocolate and serve friends and family delicious snacks, appetizers andVEVOR Commercial Chocolate Fountain Machine  desserts. This chocolate fountain works great with milk chocolate, dark semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch dip strawberries, marshmallows, apple wedges, pretzels, cookies, ice cream balls, chilled peanut butter balls and more in the flowing chocolate. You may also add liqueurs for sophisticated flavours.


  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 30-110℃; Heating power:150W; Motor power 80W
  • DURABILITY: The chocolate fountain is made of 304 stainless steel, it’sstablel, durable and easy to clean. Adopt new the economy energy type has fever a body and has fever even, automatically control and constant temperature.
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN: With the manual temperature control, the machine heats stably, it does not destroy the chocolate composition parts. Different bowl style preserves chocolate melted and flowing as three canopies are amazingly and precisely spaced for simple dipping.
  • VERSATILE USE: Chocolate Fountain machine is the ideal consistency for fountain and fondue use and is the perfect coating for dipped chocolate fountain treats like strawberries, brownies, marshmallows and much more.

Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain 

Make your next celebration a little sweeter. Use the Wilton Best Chocolate Fountain to DIY dessert. This beautiful three-tiered Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain chocolate fountain is going to be the highlight of the party. Its easy-to-use design melts up to 4-pounds. of chocolate. 

Simply use the settings to preheat your Best Chocolate Fountain, then when it is time to party, switch it to ‘flow’ to start out the cascading melted chocolate fountain. Serve a variety of treats and snacks to dip. From fruits like bananas and strawberries to marshmallows, potato chips, pretzels, cookies and more, your guests will love choosing their own treats to dip.


    • This Best Chocolate Fountain will provide your party guests hours of unlimited dessert dipping amazement
    • Unique bowl design keeps chocolate melted and flowing while three canopies are perfectly spaced for straightforward dipping and therefore the centre tube disassembles for quick cleanup
    • 16 inches (40.6 centimetres) tall. Modifiable feet with a bubble level to be still in the fountain steady
    • Holds 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms) of melted chocolate
  • Never immerse the electrical unit in water, removable components are dishwasher safe. Processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy and wheat

Nostalgia CFF986 32-Ounce (Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain)

This head turner maybe a 4 tier fountain with a chrome steel base which will impress guests with elegance and elegance at anyNostalgia CFF986 32-Ounce Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain special event. This chocolate fountain makes a cascade of sweetness that will give mouth-watering amazement to every function. Simply pour the recommended amount of melted white or bittersweet chocolate into the bottom and turn on the motor. 

Watch because the chocolate is carried to the highest of the tower where it flows down each tier during a mesmerizing display. Provide guests with fresh strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies, and other goodies for dipping. Cheese and barbeque sauces may also be used. Easily disassembles for quick cleanup. The fountain may be a beautiful addition to any board or casual gatherings with friends and family.


  • Fondue fun: 4-tier chocolate fountain features a 2-pound capacity, making this a celebration favourite – perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings, wedding and baby showers
  • Amazing for more sauces: This is not only a chocolate fountain – it’s ideal for any other liquid sauces
  • Stainless look: The elegant chrome steel heated bowl keeps the sauces flowing so you get a uniform dip whenever 
  • Four tiers: The 4-tier fountain creates a beautiful cascading effect and is easy to assemble and disassemble, making setup and cleanup a breeze
  • Auger-style fountain: The auger-styled fountain (no pump) provides the continual flow of chocolate
  • Gift-giving: Chocolate fountain is perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings, wedding and baby showers

Sephra Classic (Best Chocolate Fountain) 

The Sephra Classic Chocolate Fountain is the ideal size fondue fountain for forty members. With elegant styling andSephra Classic Chocolate Fountain  straightforward to wash parts this fondue fountain are often used for nearly any party. The Classic not only delivers a beautiful curtain of warm cascading chocolate fondue, but can also be used for cheese fondue, caramel fondue, BBQ sauce, and even ranch dressing. QuickSet tiers allow for quick and easy setup and clean up.

Sephra Quality has been at the forefront of our products since we began our journey in 2003. Dishwasher safe parts; Food grade high-impact plastic tiers; QuickSet tier assembly sets up in seconds; WhisperQuiet Motor. A Stainless Steel tier set is available for separate purchase for the Classic and Elite Home Fountains.


  • BEST HOME CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. This machine is 18” tall. Perfect chocolate fountain small enough for home parties, family gatherings, weddings and baby showers. Great chocolate fountain for kids. Fun food experience – are going to be the highlight of any special gathering.
  • CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN CAPACITY. The Classic Fountain possesses the exact storage like the Elite at 4-6 pounds of chocolate fountain chocolate; works on a minimum of 4 pounds having the chocolate running below the tiers; stores up to six pounds of chocolate fountain chocolate. Four (4) pounds serves 25-35 guests; six (6) pounds will serve over 40. Runs best with Sephra Chocolate fountain melting chocolate as no oils or additives are needed.
  •  FONDUE OPTIONS. Favourites include everything from Chocolate fountain melting chocolate, Caramel Fondue, Cheese Fondue, Salted Caramel Fondue, Barbecue Sauce and Ranch Dressing for dipping veggies. Your fondue choices are endless with the Classic Home Chocolate Fountain.
  • EXCLUSIVE FEATURES. The Classic Chocolate Fountain features a chrome steel HEATED BASIN, which heats chocolate or fondue right within the fountain; and operates with two simple switches – on/off for motor and for heat, so you can serve cold fondue such as ranch dressing. QuickSet TIER ASSEMBLY allows tiers to drop into place for quick and easy set up in seconds and fast and easy cleanup; and the tiers are dishwasher safe, food-grade and high impact.

Nostalgia CFF1000 (White Chocolate Fountain)

The auger-style Best Chocolate Fountain allows 2 pounds of decadent chocolate to cascade the four easy-to-assemble tiers. Pair chocolate with Nostalgia CFF1000 Stainless Steel Cascading Fondue Fountainfruits, bread, pretzels and more for a delectable treat to share with friends and family. Also try with liqueurs, cheeses and BBQ sauces.

Stainless steel heated base and bowl keep the chocolate flowing at the right temperature. Turn the control dial to choose from Heat Motor, Off, or Heat functions.


  • 2-pound capacity
  • Elegant stainless steel heated bowl keeps chocolate flowing
  • Auger-style fountain
  • Separate motor and heat settings
  • 4 easy-to-assemble tiers
  • Great for use with a variety of chocolates, liqueurs, cheeses and barbecue sauces!

Nostalgia CFF965 24-Ounce (Chocolate Fountain Machine)

Impress guests with elegance and elegance at any special event. This chocolate fountain makes a nice cascade of sweetness thatNostalgia CFF965 24-Ounce Chocolate Fondue Fountain will create mouth-watering amazement in every function. Simply pour the recommended amount of melted white or bittersweet chocolate into the bottom and turn on the motor. Watch because the chocolate is carried to the highest of the tower where it flows down each tier during a mesmerizing display. 

Provide guests with fresh strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies, and other goodies for dipping. Cheese and barbeque sauces may also be used. The fountain easily disassembles for quick cleanup. Create a gorgeous addition to any board, also as a powerful display at events or casual gatherings with friends and family.


  • Fondue fun: 3-tier chocolate Fountain has a 24-ounce. Capacity, making this a celebration favourite; Enjoy with strawberries, apple wedges, cherries, marshmallows, popcorn, pretzels, wings, vegetables, and more
  • Great for other sauces: this is not just a chocolate Fountain – it’s perfect for Nacho cheese, BBQ sauce, ranch, liqueurs and more
  • Stainless look: The elegant chrome steel tower and heated bowl keeps the sauces flowing so you get a uniform dip whenever 
  • Three tiers: The 3-tier fountain creates a beautiful cascading effect and is easy to assemble and disassemble, making setup and cleanup a breeze
  • Auger-style Fountain: The auger-styled fountain (no Pump) provides the continual flow of chocolate
  • Present: Chocolate fountain is the ideal gift any occasion

Sweet Fountains 22″ Entertainer Home (Mini Chocolate Fountain) 

The Entertainer chrome steel chocolate fountain is one among our greatest values for a chocolate fountain. It holds up to 4 lbs.Sweet Fountains 22" Entertainer Home Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain  FOR some huge parties but works on as small as 2.5 lbs for little functions. 

The Entertainer Chocolate Fountain runs a variety of fondues including Sagra Fountain Chocolates, Sagra Liquid Chocolate Sauces, Caramel and more. Our great new chocolate fountain design, the new stronger motor and it is the tallest chocolate fountain on the market, make the “Entertainer” Chocolate Fountain our Best Chocolate Fountain. 

As with all Best Chocolate Fountain, we recommend using Sagra Fountain Chocolate for correct flow. Includes: — One Entertainer 22 Inch chrome steel Chocolate Fountain and three .5 lbs. Sagra Dark Chocolate Fondue


  • Dimensions: 21.65″ Tall Chocolate Fountain
  • Quality crafted stainless steel base, tiers & bowl
  • Runs on just 2.5 lbs. of fountain chocolate, holds up to 4 lbs.
  • Heated basin easily melts fountain chocolate
  • Includes 3.5 lbs.of fountain chocolate. Good for up to 50 people

Buyer’s Guide to Chocolate Fountain

  • How Do I Select A Chocolate Fountain?
    •  Size:
      what percentage of people are you feeding? A ten-tiered (is that a thing?) chocolate fountain could be show-stopping, but it’ll require such a lot of chocolate to fill it that you simply may regret it. Generally, the 2 or small three-tiered fountains are plenty for little parties and events. If you’re doing this for 100 people, you’ll want to upgrade to knowledgeable rental.
    • Cost:
       What’s your budget? Don’t just check out the value of the fountain. A two-tiered fountain can take about two pounds of chocolate to flow correctly, and more massive fountains will need tons more. Don’t blow your entire budget on the fountain then need to scrimp on mediocre chocolate to form up for it. It’ll ruin your impact.
    •  Noise:
      Machines resound, and you can’t get around that. Consider a chocolate fountain that doesn’t put out a substantial amount of noise so your guests won’t complain that annoying hum. If you propose to possess the fountain outside exclusively, the hum might not be as big of effect all the surface ambient noise but move that machine inside, and it might be a special story.
    • Features:
      Fountains with adjustable feet are great for creating sure the fountain is completely level. Also, fountains that have different speeds or temperature settings also are an honest idea. If you propose to use the machine with other sorts of substances (nacho cheese fountain, anyone?), you’ll need one with an auger-style pump rather than one pump. one pump is usually quieter, but you’ll clog it up with anything thicker than the chocolate.
      Removable parts are essential if you would like to urge everything clean.Each tier should remove in order that you’ll soak it or put it within the dishwasher. It’s also good if you’ll soak a minimum of a part of the bottom and flush the pump mechanism. If not, confirm it’s something you’ll handle cleaning regularly. One convenient feature may be a built-in level. Chocolate fountains got to be absolutely level, or the chocolate won’t flow in a good cascade. If it doesn’t have a built-in level, you’re getting to need to work that out yourself together with your own. A built-in level keeps you from having to seek out your level whenever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Set Up The Fountain?
    1. First, it needs to be level. We’ll say it again. It needs to be absolutely level. If it’s off even by a hair, your chocolate isn’t going to flow evenly and may also gum up the pump under pressure.
    2. You should make sure that all the parts are clean and in working order before you ever put in the chocolate. It should be shielded from wind and any elements. Also, make sure you have some kind of cover for your table or expensive linens in you need.
    3. The fountain should be well out of reach of any pets or small children. It’s hot, so little fingers and paws shouldn’t be able to touch any of the heating elements. Also, chocolate is very toxic to dogs so make sure Sparky is kept out of its way.
    4. If your fountain is indoors, you continue to got to be mindful of any drafts which will splatter the chocolate. Cold drafts can harden pieces of the chocolate and put a considerable strain on the pump mechanism. It’s also best to keep it away from high traffic areas where someone might bump it accidentally.
    5. It’s demanding for a chocolate fountain to melt the chocolate, so it’s ideal if you melt the chocolate before. We recommend using a double boiler while stirring gently. If you use the microwave, make sure you stop and frequently stir so that the chocolate doesn’t scorch.Put it in the microwave for five to ten seconds at a time and stir in between while keeping a watchful eye for bubbles and boiling.
  • What Kind Of Chocolate Do I Use? 

Chocolate for Chocolate FountainWe is glad you asked. We have a full article to help you select the ideal chocolate for a chocolate fountain, but let’s go over some basics now.

You can use any chocolate, but if it isn’t specifically melting chocolate or couverture style chocolate, you’ll need to add a touch extra oil to form things flow smoothly. A general rule is a few half a cup of oil per pound approximately of chocolate. Vegetable or coconut oil works well and doesn’t alter the taste. 

Couverture style chocolates are “covering” chocolates. They have a better cocoa butter content and don’t need extra oil to form them flow nicely. They might be costlier than regular bulk chocolate, but if you would like a show-stopping fountain, this is often the thanks to going.

  • How Do I Maintain The Fountain?

If you can get a dedicated person to watch over the fountain, this is the best choice. This person can help direct people, add in chocolate if necessary, and protect the fountain from children, pets, and unruly adults. 

You should never dip crumbly items into the chocolate. If you possess extra crumbly dippable, keeping little plastic pots nearby can help alleviate contamination while giving the people what they want. Also, wet items that we left in the chocolate appear like a lot of strain on the pump mechanism and is able to burn out the motor.

  • How Do I Clean The Fountain?

You may not want to clean right after the party is over but trust us. Don’t wait. If you leave the chocolate in the fountain to harden, it’s going to be a million times more difficult to clean it. 

It’s best to drain the chocolate carefully for storage and take the fountain apart for cleaning. Rinse out what you can and put the safe parts in the dishwasher to clean thoroughly. Rinse out the pump and the elements of the base that are safe for water. 

We recommend pouring the leftover chocolate onto a piece of wax paper on a flat baking dish and putting it into the fridge. When it hardens, you can break it into smaller pieces for storage, so it isn’t as difficult to melt later.

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