Best Commercial Crepe Maker Buyer Guide

Best Commercial Crepe Maker | Buyer’s Guide

A best commercial crepe maker is one specialized tool that can make things much more manageable. It simplifies the whole process and also allows you to prepare tasty crepes just like a professional chef.

The best part is that you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to get the best commercial crepe maker and that’s where we are here to help. We spent a couple of days researching and going through different top models available in the market today and herein we are going to share some of the best commercial makers that we are certain are worth checking out.

Waring Commercial WSC160X | Heavy Duty Electric Crepe Maker

This popular electric crepe maker highlights a strong stainless steel base with heat-resistant carrying handles. It consists of a Waring Commercial WSC160X | Heavy Duty Electric Crepe Makerheavy-duty cast iron cooking surface that fits completely nonstick once properly seasoned with simple to use and easy to clean features. Adaptable thermostat to 570 degrees Fahrenheit enables it to cook all kinds of batters fast and precisely. Includes power on and ready indicator lights that will alert you when the cooking surface has reached set temperature. Additional value NSF-approved stainless steel batter spreader and spatula added. Created with a huge 16-inch cast-iron cooking surface made for heat retention and uniform distribution.


  • Strong stainless steel bottom with heat repellent carrying handles
  • Easy to use and easy to clean feature
  • Adjustable thermostat to 570 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooks all types of batters quickly and evenly


Proshopping 16″ | Best Commercial Crepe Maker 

This commercial crepe maker is perfect for personal or industrial use, even at parties. Complete stainless steel shell, never rusted.Proshopping 16" Commercial Electric Crepe Maker  Suitable for blintzes, eggs, pancakes, tortilla, omelet, dosa, flatbreads, burgers. High-quality stainless steel construction, BPA free, safe and durable. 


  • High efficiency and effortless – 1500W high power, preserve your time, excellent for home or industrial, ideal for blintzes, eggs, pancakes, tortilla, omelet, dosa, flatbreads, burgers
  • Adjustable Temperature Control – 122°F to 572°F (50°C-300°C) temperature range, fast heating
  • Nonstick crepe pan – 16″/40cm sure large cast-iron hot plate more efficient; non-stick surface simple to utilize and clean
  • Stable and flexible – made of high-quality stainless steel, size 17.7″x 17.3″x9″/45x44x23cm, with a storage drawer at the bottom
  • Wide application -great for restaurants, snack bars, cafes; wonderful for family functions, school fetes, sporting events, market stalls, clubs, and home parties.

Denshine Commercial Electric Crepe Maker Machine 

This is an Electric Single Stainless Steel Crepe Maker. High efficient Non-stick Iron hot plates can save energy. Stable Denshine Commercial Electric Crepe Maker Machine performance and convenient maintenance. The use is flexible, Can be directly put on the workstation or the table. Appearance is beautiful and easy and clean sanitation. Excellent for every event.

Pick Denshine, we will give you a complete range of quality assistance. The products can bring you a different quality and efficient living and working experience so that you can feel the ease and pleasure you have never experienced before. 


    Electric single Stainless steel Best Commercial Crepe Maker. High dynamic single Non-stick iron hot plate can conserve energy; the non-stick aluminum surface gives simple removal of absolutely cooked crepes every time.
    A high effective non-stick iron hot plate can preserve energy. The heating part uses a closed form with a wide area, great thermal efficiency, clean hygiene, low power, protect energy.
    Just turning the knob will provide the wanted temperature for the ideal outcome. Light up signs for power and temperature change combined with the Best Commercial Crepe Maker.
    Long-lasting stainless steel base, solid performance, and convenient maintenance. The use is flexible, can directly put on the workstation or on the table.
    This Best Commercial Crepe Maker is excellent for every event. You can use it to make crepes, blintzes, and so on, also it can be used as a griddle. Cooking favorites hot breakfast like pancakes, eggs, bacon, tortillas, chapatti, etc.

WINUS Commercial Electric Crepe Maker 

This crepe pancake maker enables you to work effectively and smoothly no matter where you want to use it. Highlights with easyWINUS Commercial Electric Crepe Maker  and robust technology, this machine are simple to control and possesses a long service life. Accurate temperature control allows you to prepare accurate and delightful crepes for anyone.

This crepe machine is of reasonable price and high throughput. Your investment is probably faster than you think. Prepare your guests with unforgettable taste experiences with this crepe machine. 


  • Complete stainless steel shell
  • The cast copper electrical heating panel, energy-efficient
  • Ideal for cafés, restaurants and snack trolleys, etc
  • Convenient operation, easy cleaning

MICHELANGLEO Crepe Maker 13 Inch | Professional Electric Crepe Maker

This crepe machine is an excellent selection for all kitchen. 13inch size – can easily help you cook a variety of food. The nonstick MICHELANGLEO Crepe Maker 13 Inch | Professional Electric Crepe Makercoating releases the crepes easily and makes clean up easily!

The nonstick coating gives out the crepes simply and helps in the easy cleanup. Varieties of dishes such as pancakes, bacon, eggs, roti, tortilla, dosa and more can easily be made using the non-stick cuisine which is self capable! Six exact temperature frames to customize the temperature for accurate cooking. Ergonomically designed, easy to handle, make it easy to move or reposition.


    Cooking delicious crepes and blintzes is instantaneous and effortless. This electric Best Commercial Crepe Maker also can be used for cooking other breakfast favorites such as pancakes, bacon, eggs, roti, tortilla, dosa and more!
    Michelangelo’s electric Best Commercial Crepe Maker is created of ultra nonstick coating which grants smooth crepe flipping & folding terminal food release, and easy cleanup. The preparation of a large crepe or cooking breakfast quickly is made easy by its huge cooking exterior.
    This large Best Commercial Crepe Maker machine maker is built with six different temperature settings. Our accurate temperature check technology guarantees excellent cooking outcomes. The intelligent LED indicator light tells you when the desired temperature has been reached. 1200-watt high power output offers instant heating.
    The 13-inch Best Commercial Crepe Maker reaches with a wooden spatula and batter spreader to obtain crepe flipping or folding both mess and hassle-free. The 13-inch large cooking region gives it simple to build restaurant-style crepes. Simply preheat the crepe maker, spread a thin layer of batter, use the spreader and spatula for perfect distribution. Easy wipe clean.

ALDKitchen Electric Crepe Machine Griddle

Design with stainless steel sole prevents the body from soaking water, in order to prolong life-span. Expert food-grade Teflon ALDKitchen Electric Crepe Machine Griddlenon-stick plate, simple and secure to sanitize the smooth surface. You can prepare anything and also try out unique recipes from its amazing cookbook to impress your guests.


  • Voltage: 110V 50Hz Power: 6kW 
  • Material: stainless steel Machine 
  • Size: 34*199*9.5 inch (900*480*290mm) 
  • Waffle size:1.57*1.57 inch(40*40mm) 
  • Machine weight: 30KG Package 
  • Included: 1 x Electric Crepe Machine

Waring Commercial WSC165B Crepe Maker

Warring Commercial Best Commercial Crepe Maker 208 volt. The surface is heavy-duty and virtually nonstick when seasoned. Includes a spreaderWaring Commercial WSC165B Crepe Maker and spatula.


  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Plates
  • Large 16″ Cooking Surface
  • Adjustable thermostat to 570 degrees
  • 208/240 volt 2170/2889 watts
  • NSF approved



Techtongda Crepe Machine | Best Commercial Crepe Maker

The latest type of crepe and pancake maker machine. This crepe pancake maker enables you to work effectively and simply no Techtongda Crepe Maker Machinematter where you want to use it. Shell made with full stainless steel. It holds benefits of charming appearance, novel structure, little volume, lightweight, comfortable handling, and fast and steady heat-up. 

A drawer-type warmer is equipped at the bottom, which is inimitable compared with traditional models. Features with simple and robust technology, this machine is easy to control and owns a long service life. Precise temperature control enables you to cook perfect and delicious crepes for your guests, family, and friends.


  • Complete stainless steel shell.
  • The cast copper electrical heating panel, energy-efficient.
  • Built-in thermostat, safe and practical.
  • Temperature adjustable 50-300℃ (122-572℉)


Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How do you keep crepes from sticking?
    If you are using a cast-iron pan, then seasoning it which is basically burning thin layers of oil on the pan multiple times can help prevent the crepes from sticking. However, the best way to keep crepes from sticking is by using a good quality non-stick pan like that of the Denshine electric crepe machine. You can also apply a non-stick spray or add a half spoon of butter after every 3 or 4 crepes.
  • How long does crepe batter last?
    Crepe batter can last 24 hours unrefrigerated. When kept in the fridge, the butter can last up to Three days but any longer than that will lead to the components breaking down and destroying the overall integrity of the butter. However, it can go up to a month when stored in a freezer.
  • Why does crepe batter have to rest?
    Resting the batter allows the starch molecules in the flour to absorb the liquid while at the same time giving the gluten enough time to relax. This resting step is the secret to ensuring thin and uniform crepes with an incredibly delicate texture that seems to melt in your mouth rather than being chewy.
  • Is crepe batter supposed to be runny?
    Crepe batter no doubt requires to be runny, not dense like in the state of pancake batter. Crepe batter is better when you allow all the starch molecules in the flour to absorb as much water as it can slowly when left to rest. This way you are guaranteed of getting those thin crepes you want.
  • How long do crepes last in the fridge?
    You can refrigerate crepes for up to three days and free them up to one month. However, you need to ensure that they are tightly covered with plastic wrap and there are wax papers or sheets of parchment if you are to freeze them for a month.
  • Can pancake batter be left overnight?
    Unlike crepe batter, you can’t prepare your pancake batter and leave it overnight or even more than an hour before you start making your pancakes. It should rest around 10 to 30 minutes because the leavening agents begin their job immediately they get into contact with liquid. The longer the batter rests, the less and less effective they will become.