Best Electric Skillets Review Guide

There are some appliances like Electric Skillet that we did not have access to a few years ago but they are now one of those that for many of use, life would not be the same without them. One such appliance is the electric frying pan. As the name suggests, an electric frying pan uses electricity to help you cook, which makes them a faster and more efficient option than its regular stovetop counterparts. These pans are a versatile option that can roast, fry, simmer, sauté, and some grill maker.

With one around, you can be sure of improved cooking experience with the variety of cooking options and efficiency it offers. However, it is important that you take your time and select the right electric skillet or at least one that suits your specific needs. Here we provide reviews of 10 of the best electric frying pan models out there to help you find the perfect one. 

Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Skillet | Top rated electric skillet

Over the predeceased century, National Presto has gradually developed its timeless appeal and adapted to stay current as Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Skillet | Top rated electric skilletconsumer preferences have changed with every decade. It has a long history of creating innovative products, and successful expansion into new fields has been the result of a long-range planning and development program.

It’s the company’s goal to continually pioneer new products that meet the needs of today’s changing lifestyles, as well as deliver a wide selection of traditional appliances that reflect the quality long associated with the Presto name.

Built-in pour spout doubles as a spoon rest. Base and handle detach and nest in pan for easy cleaning and storing. Great for every meal–big 16-inch base and high sidewalls provide extra cooking and serving capacity. saves energy because it’s more efficient than a range burner or oven. 

Tempered glass cover and stay-cool handles allow the skillet to double as a buffet server. control master heat control keeps the needed cooking temperature by itself. 120 volts, 60 Hz only Easy to clean. Fully immersible and dishwasher secure along with the heat control removed.


  • Heavy cast aluminum base highlights a deluxe non-adhesive surface, inside & out. skillet pan & cover are dishwashers secure with the heat control removed.
  • Built-in spout for pouring liquids from skillet works as both a spoon & spatula holder during cooking & serving.
  • Fold-down handles to separate skillet pan from base. with handles folded in, the base & handles store in a skillet for small storage.
  • Approximately Dimensions: 19. 81″ x 12. 25″ x 8. 06″; Pan dimensions: 15. 75″ x 11. 87″ x 2. 87″ 
  • Tempered glass cover & stay-cool handles help skillet to change as a buffet server

Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Skillet | Cuisinart electric skillet

The brushed stainless steel Cuisinart Electric Skillet is an adaptable countertop cooking product and valuable addition to every Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Skillet | Cuisinart electric skilletkitchen. A temperature check adjusts from Warm to 450°F and can be detached to maintain the Skillet dishwasher safe. The nonstick cooking surface is ideal for low-fat or no-fat cooking and is big enough for family orders of pancakes, or a fajita with friends.

The Cuisinart Electric Skillet is one of the most adaptable countertop cooking products on the sale. The nonstick cooking surface is ideal for low.


  • Brushed stainless steel construction with nonstick interior
  • 12″ x 15″ oval cooking surface
  • 1500 watts of power
  • With stainless steel rim and handle,  Tempered glass cover
  • With indicator light, Warm to 450°F temperature control dial 
  • Fully immersible
  • dishwasher-safe

Copper Chef 12” Removable Skillet | Copper chef electric skillet

Change any countertop into a convenient stovetop with this adaptable 4-piece Copper Chef electric skillet set. Cook 4 different Copper Chef 12 Removable Skillet | Copper chef electric skilletways! Utilize our 12” family-size Square Skillet Pan with matching Electric Base at once as a plus cooking station or buffet server, or utilize the Pan solitude on every single stovetop or in the oven. Cerami-Tech Technology means nothing sticks to the surface. Cooking is effortless without added oils or messy clean-up.

Copper Chef can be an effortless machine in every kitchen. It’s an all in one device for every heat cooking activity. It comes with a fry basket for making your favorite deep-fried foods like fried chicken and French fries, and also acts like a pasta cooker and strainer, eliminating the need for a separate colander. 

You also get the benefits of the steamer tray that allows you to make lighter and healthier dishes as well. You can oven-roast in Copper Chef as it enters into the oven up to 800º F and the storage is large. (You can fit up to a 5 lb.) few of the other less adaptable pans you require in your kitchen cabinet increase your kitchen storage capacity and also ease your culinary life!


  • 12-INCH ELECTRIC SKILLET SET CONTAINING DETACHABLE BASE: Upgrade your cooking equipment with this elegant 12” ceramic skillet. The huge stick-resistant skillet arrives with a tempered glass lid and a stainless steel electric base (120°F – 425°F 1200 Watts, 120V) having a removable temperature control thermostat. Oven safe, stovetop safe and perfectly transferable skillet – change your countertop into a buffet server or cooking station & acquire the cooking area you desire.
  • CERAMI-TECH NON-STICK SQUARE PAN COATING: Fry food healthier in the copper skillet with Copper Chef’s complete nonstick coating. Oven-safe skillet enables you to fry or bake every type of utilization without adding oil or butter. The flavor will be just as delicious, but there will be way less fat!
  • PERFECT FOR BUFFET AND GATHERINGS: Our cooking skillet helps you to serve food like a pro! Whether you’re a hotel owner or you love inviting your friends and family over for BBQs and dinner, you definitely need to get this cavernous electric skillet to impress your guests with your advanced cooking equipment and skills!
  • A GREAT COOKING GIFT INCLUDED: Copper Chef’s nonstick skillet set also incorporates a recipe book with 20 mouth-watering dishes that you can recreate with your new ovenproof nonstick skillet! This is our special gift to you, to thank you for trusting the premium quality of our kitchen skillet.

De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet | Best stainless steel electric skillet

Simply prepare anything for breakfast, lunch, and dinner using the De’Longhi Electric Skillet. You will consistently acquire De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet | Best stainless steel electric skilletthoroughly cooked foods with the completely embedded skillet base, it gives out heat uniformly to prevent any overly hot or cold areas. Impress your family and guests by utilizing the tempered glass lid, it will maintain your food tasting amazing and juicy, and it always maintains already cooked food warm.

To prepare food to your exact choice, utilize the removable adjustable thermostat for perfect outcomes. If you’ve been preparing food for hours, you won’t be cleaning for hours, easily wipe off the non-stick skillet base and lid, and keep them in the dishwasher.

It’s that simple! With an XL area, you can prepare a meal for your family or a party in no time at all. It’s security first with this electric skillet, the cool touch handles permits simple movement once cooking is over. Plates material: Aluminium.


  • The embedded heating element promises the most effective and uniform preparation in less time
  • Non-stick area, External dimensions (l x w x h inches):19.29 x 11.81 x 8.47
  • Adjustable steam vent holes for simple steam evaporation, Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz):110-120 V
  • Simple-to-clean with dishwasher-safe lid and non-stick skillet base; just place in the dishwasher for fast and convenient cleaning
  • Die-Cast Aluminum body, Input power (W):1500

West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet

This West Bend extra-deep skillet is huge, long-lasting, and simple to utilize and even simpler to clean. The comfortable, huge, West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skilletfamily-size Capacity is ideal for day-to-day utilization and any meal.


  • Large, family-size capacity is easy to use and even easier to clean
  • Allows for healthier cooking as well as easier serving & draining
  • Easily view cooking progress
  • Stylish product design provides easy and safe handling

Zojirushi EP-PBC10 Skillet | Best nonstick electric skillet

With a huge pan perfect for sautéing, stewing, and grilling, the Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet could also be a multi-functional Zojirushi EP-PBC10 Skillet | Best nonstick electric skilletelectric skillet. The cooking pan is 10-1/2-inch in diameter and 2-1/4-inch deep, and titanium ceramic nonstick coated.

The Zojirushi Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet is a multi-functional electric skillet with a titanium ceramic nonstick coated cooking pan that is 2-1/4-inch deep to hold stew-type foods and 10-1/2-Inch wide for grilling and sauteing. 

Adjustable temperature settings from 176 degrees F (keep warm) to 430 degrees F. This skillet also can be used for grilling and therefore the pan is often used directly on the stovetop burner making it multifunctional.


  • A large multi-functional electric skillet
  • Durable pan ideal for sautéing, stewing and grilling
  • Ceramic surface pan with titanium enhanced nonstick coating
  • Adjustable temperature settings from 176°F (Keep Warm) to 430°F
  • Stay-cool side handles make removal of pan quick and straightforward 
  • Tempered glass lid to monitor the cooking process
  • Detachable power cord
  • ETL listed
  • Instruction manual in English, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese

Hamilton Beach 38528R Deep Dish Durathon Ceramic Skillet

This skillet provides you with superior nonstick performance as it is made with Durathon ceramic coating. The heat is adjustable Hamilton Beach 38528R Deep Dish Durathon Ceramic Skilletfor a variety of cooking options and therefore the handles remain cool to the touch throughout the cooking cycle. It also combines the advantages of a countertop skillet and a convenient serving dish in one compact machine. After cooking, the skillet and lid can go in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Make a French toast casserole for breakfast or classic lasagna for dinner. With a 3 inch depth and 12×15 inch cooking surface, this electric skillet gives you greater capacity to form a spread of meals in only one dish.


  • Greater capacity for cooking: features a 3” depth and 12” x 15” cooking surface.
  • Duration ceramic nonstick coating: the cooking surface is four times more durable than traditional nonstick, is PTFE and PFOA free and won’t crack or peel.
  • Adjustable temperature control: the dial can be set to temperatures between 200-400ºf or set to Warm.
  • Dishwasher safe: All parts are dishwasher safe with cord removed.
  • Cool-touch handles: remain cool to the touch throughout the cooking cycle.

Oster Electric Skillet | Best ceramic electric skillet

Make easy and delicious one-dish meals, from soup to stir-fries to paella, during this electric skillet. the massive capacity allowsOster Electric Skillet | Best ceramic electric skillet you to cook for a crowd, the temperature probe gives you much control over the warmth, and therefore the tempered glass lid shows you your delicious meals ongoing.

A secure-fitting tempered-glass lid helps trap in heat and moisture and allows you to watch your food at a look. With the lid in situ, the skillet works exceptionally well for frying chicken, baking a casserole, or cooking a stew. 

The user-friendly temperature control probe allows you to easily adjust the skillet’s heat and removes for straightforward cleaning, while the cool-touch side handles enable safe transportation. This sleek, modern electric skillet features a one-year limited warranty.


    • Electric skillet set with large 16- by the 12-inch cooking surface
    • Tempered glass lid helps trap heat and moisture
    • Temperature looked for easy temperature setting and adjustment
    • Cool-touch handles provide a gentle grip for safe and straightforward transportation
    • Dishwasher safe with probe removed for straightforward cleaning

CucinaPro Electric Skillet with Tempered Glass 

Whether you would like to saute, grill, or make a fragile omelet, the CucinaPro Electric Skillet is going to be your attend home CucinaPro Electric Skillet with Tempered Glass appliance. Cooking quickly and evenly means you won’t have to spend as much time in the kitchen and your results will be better.


  • Electric Skillet- Crafted from polished 18/10 chrome steel with a non-stick interior, this elegant electric skillet is certain to be a favorite 
  • Professional Quality- the massive skillet is definitely large enough to cook food for a family of 4. The interior heats evenly and it will cook your meals quickly. Skillet is often hand washed or wiped over with a humid towel 
  • The CucinaPro Skillet comes with a temperature probe, which provides you with total control over the cooking process and helps ensure meals end up perfectly
  • Tempered glass lid locks in heat and it allows you to ascertain into the skillet as your food is cooking, making monitoring your progress very easy.

Toastmaster TM-11SKCP Copper Skillet

This is right from breakfast to dinner and everything in between, for cooking up all of your family’s favorites. By removing the Toastmaster TM-11SKCP Copper Skilletcontroller and using the cool-touch handles, easy transition from cooking to serving. The copper coating provides a non-stick cooking surface and straightforward cleanup.


  • Copper surface provides non-stick cooking and easy cleanup
  • Adjustable heat controls ensure the right temperature regardless of what you’re cooking
  • The removable cable probe slides out for easy storage
  • Cool-touch handles make transitioning from cooking to serving easier than ever

Buyer’s Guide to Electric Skillets

  • Things to consider when buying an electric skillet
    Electric skillets are the foremost versatile home appliance that provides insight as you create your food. It’s also a way of saving time while you are in the kitchen which makes them ideal especially for those people who don’t have time at home due to various commitments.
    However, there are those skillets that are better than the others and a few are more advanced in terms of the technology behind the making and such issues. Therefore it’s important if you’ve got a general overview of what to expect from one sort of skillet over the opposite. Here are some of the things you should have in mind as you are shopping for one.
  • Size of the electric skillet
    They are made of different sizes some of them are even larger than their counterparts the stovetops. However, it’ss good to gauge your demands. When it involves size selection, you’ve got to answer yourself two questions
    • Size of your family: if you would like a skillet that will only feed two people, then you don’t need to choose the most important size within the market. With a much bigger model, you’ll have enough room to organize meals to entertain people just directly. If you want to prepare for two, there are small size models that give you the privilege to make small portions as well and still meet the demands
    • Storage: if you don’t have enough space to store the skillet when it’ss not in use, then you better look for something that will fit in your kitchen cabinets without interfering with your kitchen arrangements.

Before you rest in buying a particular model counting on its size and services consider how well it’ll fit your terms.

  • Temperature levels
    This is where most people fail when it involves buying electric skillets. If you would like a skillet that will offer you an opportunity to even deep fry chicken, then choose something that goes up to 450 degrees. Skillets that only gets to 400 digress will not get hot for deep fry, but if you just want something that you will use for pan-frying or stir-frying, and then they will serve you better.
  • Skillets high sides
    It’s important to consider the sides and ensure they are high enough. High sides guarantee that once you are frying awkward shapes of foods like whole chicken, they’re going to perfectly slot in the pan. Low sides skillet won’t allow you the privilege of that extra space in your cooking therefore if you would like something which will serve you the shame of adjusting your cooking pots in the middle of cooking, then go for something much bigger than the one that will only fry eggs.
  • What are your needs
    Before you buy, you must be able to identify the purpose of your purchase. There are skillets that have multifunctional services, which makes them far better than the skillets that are only used for an equivalent purpose over and over.
    However, counting on what you would like to cook or what you regularly prepare, it might not be of help to shop for a skillet that features an everyone you want is to fry eggs and make pancakes for breakfast. Alternatively, it’ll be wasting money to shop for a skillet that will only make eggs and you would like to grill steak thereon. Be sure before purchase what it’s that you simply want.
  • Price
    Price is the ultimate fact when it involves buying anything. You don’t have to go extreme to get a device that does not fit your budget. It is important to plan for the skillet which will suit your needs and still be affordable to you.
  • Glass lid
    When buying a skillet, it’s important that you simply choose a skillet with a glass lid. Not only is this look modern, but it is also a healthy way of making meals. According to nutritionists, when cooking, meals are healthier when water is not added.
    One way to scale back the probabilities of adding water to food, especially vegetables, is to cook them without removing the lid. A glass lid allows you to ascertain how the cooking goes on without removing the lid. This conserves both the moisture in your food and the heat stays locked inside the skillet, saving on energy.
  • Drainage sprouts
    This is another great feature to possess within the skillet you purchase. A drainage sprout allows you to empty soup or broth from your food. You also will not have to worry about bumping your food into the sink. It is also less messy because the broth drains out easily and doesn’t leave a multitude after you’re drone draining all the liquid. The process is additionally made safer because you’ll accidentally pour hot liquid or grease on yourself.
  • Heat resistant handles
    Heat resistant handles – reduce the probabilities of getting burnt because even oven mitts are usually not perfectly made. This will make cooking for you safer, easier, and seemingly effortless.
  • Steam vent
    A steam escape route is critical when cooking. While steam is a great way of ensuring that your food cooks faster, it also generates a lot of pressure. Pressure caused by steam can be very dangerous. It can cause the lid to fly off the skillet and cause injuries to anyone within the cooking area. An adjustable steam vent allows you to form the vent bigger or smaller counting on the quantity of food you’re making and therefore the sort of food you’re making because some foods produce more steam than others do.

How to care of your electric skillet

After you’ve got bought that electric skillet you think about the simplest, you don’t want anything to ruin it. You want to ensure that you keep it looking good even after years of use. As such, there are a couple of tips to use electric skillet which will assist you to keep your skillet looking great.

  • Use wooden utensils
    In most cases, the coating wont to make the skillets isn’t permanent. In this case, using metallic utensils risks scraping the electrical skillets non-stick coating. Constant scraping will remove the non-stick coating and thus remove the non-stick feature from the pan you’ve got bought all at once. Scraped utensils also do not look great at all.
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