Best Sushi Knife For Beginners | Buyer’s Guide

As Japanese cuisine is getting popular world wide, so are the sushi knives. But before we begin, let’s get to know what is a sushi knife ?

As the name suggests, a sushi knife is used especially to make sushi, the most popular dish in Japan. Preparing a sushi involves lots of processes such cutting the vegetables finely, cutting the fish comes next then cutting the sushi roll. All these steps require precision, therefore sushi knives are designed in a manner to fulfill the purpose. Sushi knife is an all rounder knife which does it all, therefore it is different from a sashimi knife which is mainly designed for cutting fish. Sushi & sashimi can easily be prepared at home these days but for that you a necessary requirement is a good sushi knife. Let’s find out what is a good sushi knife? 

A sushi knife should be an all rounder for slicing and cutting purposes. A perfect sushi needs all the processes to be perfect as well, hence a good sushi knife is a must requirement. It should be made of high quality stainless steel and should contain carbon as well. This increases the longevity of the knife and prevents it from getting corroded.  Therefore if you want to have scrumptious sushi & sashimi it is advisable to invest in a good sushi knife which will last long as well.

With the increasing popularity of the sushi knives, the market gets flooded with various types of sushi knives but the idea is to choose the best sushi knife. So today we are here to help you  with the guide towards buying a perfect sushi knife : 

Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Sushi Sashimi Chef Knife

The Yanagi is a knife which is especially designed for the purpose of cutting thin slices of fishes to make sushi or sashimi. Apart from providing a razor sharp blade for cutting the perfect slices thejapanese sushi knife knife is also designed aesthetically making it a fine product for its users. The Yanagi knife has been part of the Japanese culture for a long time & is one of their best traditional knives. World’s renowned chefs prefer knives that have been prepared in Japan for their perfection. 

  • Features 

The knife is an excellent choice for preparing the best sushi. The knife has been handcrafted and goes through various processes before reaching in the hands of its users. The blade of the knife is made with superior quality steel which makes it durable. The handle is made out of Rosewood  or Magnolia wood which gives it an aesthetic appeal & helps maintain a firm grip on the knife. The blade is long and wide to provide uninterrupted long and fine cuts. The blade is made of white steel which makes it hard & perfect for long time use. It has beautiful mist shaped patterns on it. 

  • Pros 

    • Handcrafted – The blade is handcrafted by the best artisans in the country with age-old  Japanese techniques. This makes the knife unique altogether and sets it apart from all the other kinves available in the market. Due to its unique style and function it is preferred by its users all across the globe.
    • Beautiful Handle – Though while cutting it is the blade that makes most of the difference, the handle of the knives also matter. The handle of Yoshihiro Shiroko Yanangi knife is made out of premium quality Rosewood and Magnolia wood which makes it look even more beautiful and also makes the product environment friendly. 
    • Razor sharp edge – Yanagi knives are required to have razor sharp edges for cutting perfect pieces of fish & vegetables for making sushi and sashimi. The Yoshihiro Shiroko Yanangi knife has the sharpest blades since it is made from the Japanese techniques itself.
  • Cons 

    • Made out of carbon steel – The blade is made out of carbon steel which does not make it stainless. Thus the blades can get some easy stains in the cutting process.Apart from a few cons, the Yoshihiro Shikoro Yanagi knife is the best option available in the market.

Cangshan J Series 62786 X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife With Walnut Sheath,10-Inch.

Cangshan is a popular brand which designs knives of both eastern & western style and promises the best quality by combining the best material available. The brand is passionate about making kitchen accessories .best sushi knife

The Cangshan J series X-7 Sashimi Chef knife is one of the best sashimi knives in the entire series. Apart from the fine quality it is also beautifully designed. The knife  has won multiple awards also for its superior quality. 

  • Features

The knife goes through a six stage heating process making it hard and extremely durable. It is specially handcrafted and sharpened at an angle of 16 degree per side. Thus its sharpness is incomparable to sharpness of any other knife because it is hand sharpened to a perfect angle. The blade is ten inches long to get the perfect cut. As it is handcrafted by the perfect blacksmiths it promises superior quality to its customers. 

  • Pros  

    • Protective sheath – The knife comes with an extra protective sheath thus keeping the knife safe for a long span of time. The sheath of the knife is beautifully designed as well made out of walnut wood. The sheath also has a magnet thus gets fitted on the knife automatically. For the knife to remain usable for a long span of time a protective sheath is a must. 
    • Exceptional performance – The process that went on into making the knife such as ultra 6 stage heating , hand sharpened to a perfect angle makes it superior in quality & provides extreme sharpness along with hardness. 
  • Cons 

    • Expensive – The knife is a bit on the expensive side as compared to other sashimi knives available in the market. This is owing to its superior quality and the process that goes into making it.Apart from one or two cons the product is customers favorite and has received multiple awards. Also the product comes with a lifetime warranty and is also National Sanitation Foundation certified.

DALSTRONG Yanagiba Sushi Knife 

Dalstrong is a brand which creates premium quality professional knives. It is trusted by professional chefs from across the world. The brand specialises in making different types of knives. The knives are made with various processes thus providing premium quality to its customers. best sushi knife brand

The knives of  Phantom Series are elegantly designed & are ruthlessly sharp. The Phantom series is every customer’s favorite and has an aesthetic look as well. 

  • Features 

This knife is a precision specialist and is the best in the range. The nitrogen cooling process makes the knife extra hard and durable thus it offers effortless cutting. It resists corrosion as well making it suitable for long term usage. It comes with a D- shaped handle which is beautifully engraved as well in Japanese style. The black velvety handle made out of Spanish wood not only increases its beauty but makes it easier to have a firm grip on the knife. The blade is made out of Japanese Aus- 8 steel making it hard as it ranks on 58 in Rockwell Hardness Scale. The steel  also ranks high in terms of ability and productivity.

  • Pros  

    • Luxurious look – The knife with black handle made out of Spanish wood and its rich velvety texture makes it even more lucrative for the customers. The full tang blade also adds to the look of the product. 
    • Durability – The knife is made out of Japanese Aus-8 steel which makes it highly durable and makes it feasible for a long term use. Also Japanese Aus- 8 steel is much easier to sharpen as compared to other steel knives.
    • Protective sheath – The knife comes with a protective sheath which is made out of superior quality polymer. The protective sheath smoothly fits over the knife and protects it from getting rusted easily .
  • Cons 

    •  Maintenance – The knife should be properly maintained and after cutting every time it should be wiped off of any stains and needs to be kept inside the protective sheath.

 Dalstrong has made quite an impact on the market and its global customer base is booming. Chefs from across the world are switching to this brand.

Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Blue Steel Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro brand specialises in creating handcrafted Japanese knives which are sold all over the world. The knives created come under an affordable price range & the quality offered is incomparable as well. The Yoshihiro brand is one of the leading brands which makes Japanese and they have been in the business for over 100 years. The knives are created in the authentic Japanese style and also handcrafted by the best artisans in the country. yanagiba sushi knife

  • Features

The knife is intricately designed & comes with an elegantly engraved dragon pattern which makes it look bold and stunning. The dragon pattern sets the knife apart from ordinary knives available in the market. The knife is primarily designed to slice thin pieces of fish for making sushi and sashimi. Along with that it can turn vegetables into thin slices as well. The knife is made out of blue steel which ranks it 63 to 64 in  Rockwell Hardness Scale which is much  harder compared to other knives. Apart from that the knife is single edged and very sharp. It comes with a handle made from ebony wood and it is shaped in octagon. 

  • Pros

    • Blue steel – Blue steel is better compared to white steel as blue steel is an alloy of tungsten and chromium to the iron and carbon which makes the tempering process of the knife easier. Along with that the knife holds its edge for a long span of time as compared to knives made with white steel.
    • Hardness – The Aoko blue steel in the knife makes it hard enough when it ranks 63 to 64 in Rockwell Hardness Scale whereas other knives rank somewhere between 58 to 59 therefore it is harder and more durable.
  • Cons 

    • Expensive- The knife is somewhat expensive but is so because of its unique properties. 

Yoshihiro is a brand which keeps the trust of the customers & serves them with quality kitchen equipment. Professionals and amateurs both rely upon the Yoshihiro knives for creating perfect dishes. 

Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Sujihiki Chef Knife, 9.5-Inch

Yoshihiro knives are the best knives available in the market. It creates specially handcrafted knives by the best artisans in the country. The Sujihiki knife is a special kind of knife which is specially curated for slicing and comes with long, narrow blades. The thin blades are required to trim away fat from the knife for sushi

  • Features 

The blade of the knife is made of Damascus steel which is identified by its wavy pattern design. This steel is harder than the rest of the steels and maintains a sharp edge for a long span of time. It comes with a handle made from Mahogany wood, which is a premium quality wood. It is a perfect sushi knife and especially handcrafted in Japan. The blade is made out of VG-10 cutlery grade stainless steel which consists  of 1% Carbon, 15% Chromium, 1% Molybdenum, 0.2% Vanadium, and 1.5% Cobalt. This combination of alloy makes the blade of the knife corrosion free and makes it suitable for extensive use as well.

  • Pros

    • Beautifully designed – The knife has a beautifully wavy pattern which adds to its look. Its look is perfect to add to our kitchen shelf. Its design gives it a unique look and looks much better than other knives in the same range. 
    • Stain Resistant – This knife is highly stain resistant because of its alloy composition making it last longer than other knives.
  • Cons

    • No Protective Sheath – The knife does not come with a protective sheath which is very much required to keep it safe & it also prevents quick corrosion. When not in use the knives should be kept in a protective sheath for keeping it usable for a long span of time.

Traditional Japanese Professional Sushi Knife 

Gyuto Knife also known as ‘beef sword’ is a high graded knife made specially in Japan . These knives are designed for professional use and are chef’s knife. It is a good quality knife which can be used for cutting vegetables and meat as well. The knife is made by traditional Japanese technique which thus produces an authentic knife. masamoto sushi knife

  • Features 

The blade of the knife is made from a superior quality stainless steel of 420 HC and it is made by heating process and not by any ordinary process. Heating process makes the knife harder and more durable. The knife maintains edge retention as well and is highly effective against corrosion hence suitable for daily use. The blades are hand sharpened to a perfect 15 degree angle. 

The handle is made from rosewood and that too imported from the Madagascar country. Along with the baldes the handle is of premium quality as well. A good knife always has a sturdy handle for a better grip and to make precision cuts.

  • Pros 

    • Stainless steel – Though all knives are made from stainless steel , this knife is made from 420 HC which is high carbon steel. This category of steel is budget friendly and highly versatile and can be used for all cutting purposes. 
    • Beautiful Packaging – Though packaging has not much to do with the knife and its quality but a beautiful packaging and good quality knife is perfect combination for a gift. 
  • Cons 

    • Heavy – This knife is on the heavier as compared to other knives available in the market. This has been said by the customers themselves.

The knife comes  with a 30 days return policy as well. It promotes hundred percent customer satisfaction as well. So apart from a few cons it is a good knife and can be used on a daily basis as well. 

Carving Knife – PAUDIN Razor Sharp Slicing Knife

Paudin is a fairly new brand as compared to other brands. The brand specialises in creating perfect  knives for its customers. The brand gives priority to customer satisfaction and creates its products keeping the same in mind. Chefs from across the world rely on this brand.masamoto sushi knife

  • Features 

The blade of the knife is 8 inches long and made from stainless German steel. The German steel offers more corrosion resistance as compared to other stainless steel. It also makes the blade tougher and more durable. The knife also has a beautiful handle which is also non slippery and offers a perfect grip as well. The ergonomic design also provides an optimal balance and helps in making precision cuts. The waved pattern on the blade prevents it from being stuck while cutting something. The pattern also makes the knife look aesthetic. It is a carving knife and can be used for multiple purposes as well such as cutting, dicing, chopping & slicing. 

  • Pros 

    • German Steel – The 5Cr15MoV (1.4116) German steel makes it super durable and is suitable for daily use as well. The alloy composition of a German steel makes it resistant to dust & prevents it from rusting quickly. 
    • Easy Maintenance –  The knife is very easy to maintain and can be washed with detergent powder as well. Just after using it should be wiped off clean to prevent any hard stains and kept dry as well. 
    • Damascus print – The blade of this knife is not made from real Damascus steel but the waved pattern gives it such a look. The waved pattern has been engraved on the knife for making it look even better. 
  • Cons 

    • Hardness – As compared to other knives, it ranks only 56 on Hardness Rockwell Scale making it comparably less harder than other knives. 

Apart from one or two cons, ‘Paudin’ promises hundred percent customer satisfaction or money back offers. Thus the brand assures high quality products at an affordable range.  

Final words

The knives mentioned here are some of the best sushi & sashimi knives in the world. Apart from the few cons most knives come under an affordable price range. The brands like Yoshihiro, Dalstrong are very popular among the customers and they have been in business for many years. These brands are getting popular each day even more because of their premium quality products and also because of their aesthetic look as well. 

Though all the knives are meant for daily use, after sometime they tend to lose their sharpness. So let’s find out how to sharpen a sushi knife ?

The sushi or sashimi knives can easily be sharpened by whetstones which are also known as sharpening stones. The stones come in different grit sizes which are based on Japanese or European standards. Some whetstones are double sided as well which has a low grit side for re-sharpening knives and a high grit side for polishing the knives.

  • Step 1

Submerge the whetstone for about 10 to 15 minutes. Take out the stone out of the water after it has absorbed the right amount of water & no more bubbles come up. Now flatten the whetstone with flattening stone.

  • Step 2

After that place the whetstone firmly and put the blade of the knife at an angle of 10 to 15 degree angle. Then apply a little pressure and sharpen it by starting at the tip of the balde.

  • Step 3  

This is the easiest step, try slicing a tomato into horizontally thin slices. If this can be done without putting pressure then you have successfully sharpened the knife.

So for a knife to go for a long time it should be maintained as well.

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