Cutco knives reviews and guide for buying best knives

Cutco is a branch of Cutco Cutlery Corporation, which was established in New York State in 1949. The company focuses on a series of products designed to make life easier, including garden tools, pocket knives, and kitchen knives. So far, the company has created more than one hundred kitchen tableware products for customers to choose from. For many years, Cutco products have been sold primarily by door-to-door vendors.

Since there are no actual retail stores, the company representatives must build a customer base of one person at a time. There is no great advertising to rely on, and the success of the products is primarily due to their excellence.

Cutco products are known for having a very huge and comprehensive warranty service. Although their design is very durable, damage can still occur. In this case, Cutco will be happy to replace the damaged product or part free of charge.

This is because most Cutco knives and other products come with a lifetime warranty. This warranty even extends to damage caused by the user rather than the manufacturing process. This means that Cutco knives are a real investment and many people think that they are worth spending more money to buy them.

If you have been fortunate enough to receive a Cutco knife set, you may know that Cutco’s Forever Guarantee means forever. Cutco knives are proudly manufactured in the United States, can be found in many homes, and are often used to give sharp advantages to most kitchen jobs. In addition to conducting our Cutco knife review, we also took a closer look at Cutco knives, including why 440A high carbon steel is a popular choice for blades, what are the advantages of thermoplastic resin handles, and what this warranty means forever. 

Cutco is known for being outstanding and has been creating products for the kitchen for a long time. This company stands out for its range of knives designed for various occasions. The wide range includes a full set of kitchen knives, as well as individual products designed for specific purposes. Although Cutco knives have become a household name, they are also used by professional chefs. These cutting-edge cooking tools will surely satisfy you.

The real chef’s knife is versatile and can be used for various cooking tasks, is very durable and well-balanced. Cutco blades are specially sharpened, so they can stay sharp for a longer period of time. This means that the user can not sharpen the knife for a long time. This helps prevent the blade from becoming too thin and eventually wearing out.

In fact, people who own Cutco knives never have to sharpen their own knives. Straight edge blades and DoubleD® blades are designed to be used for many years. When users notice that the edge of the knife is starting to become dull, they only need to send the knife for free sharpening.

Although Cutco knives are very practical, they also have a unique and very attractive style. Users will love this special cheese knife, with its innovative and eye-catching design. Cutco knife sets are equipped with different types of matching handles, which can add additional style to any home.

We will try to review the knives manufactured by Cutco. We are not saying that you should not turn a blind eye to this brand. All you have to do is check your condition and find out exactly what is missing in your kitchen. This is how you determine the right tool for you.

How to sharpen cutco knives?

When the blade is blunt or dull, it is necessary to sharpen the knife. You can also see the damage along the edge of the blade. The straight edge blade can be sharpened at home with cutco sharpenerHow to sharpen cutco knives or other sharp devices and stones. If you prefer specialization, you can return to a cutco below the warranty, or even at your own home by calling the professionals of the Cutco certified service. If you live in New York, you can drop your knife in the factory for sharpness.

Knives with DoubleD or Micro DoubleD blades are designed to remain sharp for years. When a knife needs to be sharpened, it should be sent back to Cutco instead of sharpening at home or using other sharpening services. Of course, the downside of sending the knife back to Cutco for sharpening instead of sharpening it yourself is that it leaves you without a knife for a few weeks or so. If you can plan ahead, you may consider returning your knives during your vacation for sharpening or repair.

How to take care of cuto knives?

It is recommended that the Cutco knife should be washed away with hot water and a mild soap. If a knife is washed with a dishwasher, flatten it to dry in the rack instead of the cutlery basket. Once you take your cutco knife, it should be stored in a knife block, tray or cover to protect the blade. The knife can sometimes be dirty of food or water with mineral content. Unstable abrasive compounds can be used to remove stains from the nickel bar rivets or the blade.

Cutco Petite Chef Knife

Cutco Little Chef’s Knife is a full tang blade, made of 440A high carbon stainless steel, suitable for left- or right-handed use, and can stay sharp for lifetime. This knife is suitable for slicing, chopping,cutco knives set dicing and slicing, for crushing fruits and vegetables, the wider blade also helps transfer ingredients to the pot. The classic triple riveted brown handle is ergonomic, and the thumb and index finger locks can be better controlled safely.

This straight blade knife, made in the USA is suitable for sharpening at home, or you can use the Forever Guarantee, which means Cutco will sharpen and repair your knife for free. If necessary, they will also replace it for free during the period warranty. This knife can also be washed in the dishwasher, but it is recommended to wash it by hand. A strange buyer noticed that when this knife is placed on the counter, it may occasionally rest on the back of the knife, which means that the edge of the blade is facing up; therefore, when you put it down, you may need to check whether it is laying on its side.


  • Weighs 0.42 Pounds
  • Laser Cut and Heat Tempered construction, triple rivets
  • Stainless steel blade with black handle
  • Ultra sharp straight edge, an be maintained and sharpened at home
  • Ergonomic handles fit universally for large or small, left or right hands. 
  • Thumb and forefinger lock into place for safety and control 
  • Fatigue-resistant design
  • Guaranteed Forever Like all Cutco products- Free sharpening and replacement forever!

CUTCO Classic Brown Table Knives

Cutco’s Set of Four Table Knives (1759) has a 3⅜-inch blade length. The serrated blade adopts a unique DoubleD blade shape, which aims to provide a smooth and clean cut and maintain a sharperCUTCO Classic Brown Knives time than a straight blade knife. Used for cutting steaks and other foods at the dining room table and made in the USA, 440A High Carbon Stainless Steel is a part tang knife. The ergonomic classic brown handle is made of thermoplastic resin, which will not fade, chip or crack absorbent material.

These knives are suitable for either left or right handed, and the handle has thumb and index finger locks, which makes it more secure. These knives can be washed in the dishwasher or sharpened at the factory. They come in a white gift box, which can be used to store knives when not in use, and is also great for gifts. Compared to other Cutco knives, strange buyers are disappointed in the quality of these knives because they are double-D blades instead of straight blades, and you need to return them to Cutco for sharpening.


  • The dimensions are 5 x 9.75 x 1.4 inches, weighing 0.08 Pounds, Blade Length 3-3/8″
  • Has a Classic black handle and stainless steel blade with plain blade edge
  • Exclusive Double-D edge 440A High-Carbon
  • Thermo-resin ergonomic handle that will not crack, chip, fade or absorb material comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced
  • Fatigue-resistant design

Cutco Santoku Knife 7.0″ High Carbon Stainless Straight Edge blade

Cutco 7″ full Tang original price knife (1766) is made of 440A high carbon stainless steel to keep its edges sharp. Made in the United States, the handle is classic brown thermoplastic resin color,Cutco Santoku Knife ergonomic, thumb and index finger grip, for better control and safety. The three rivets on the handle are made of nickel-silver alloy. This also has a forever guarantee. It provides permanent free sharpening, repair and replacement.

Even if it is recommended to wash with your hands, you can also use the dishwasher. Some owners have found that this knife did not maintain its sharpness for the expected time and needed to be sharpened before. Unlike many other manufacturers‘ original knives, this knife does not have a sheath.


  • Weighs 8 ounces, 
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel blade, with black plastic, resin handle and plain blade edge
  • Full Tang, Triple Rivet Construction, High Quality Nickel-Silver Alloy Rivets
  • perfectly balanced ergonomic handle and its ultra-straight edge blade cuts smoothly
  • Thermo-resin handle, can be cleaned in the dishwasher although the manufacturer recommends hand washing
  • Guaranteed Forever Like all Cutco products- Free sharpening and replacement forever!

CUTCO Hardy Slicer High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives

Cutco 6⅓ “Serrated Knife (3738) is a multipurpose slicing knife with Double-D serrations. It is suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as slicing pumpkins or zucchini. Also ideal for cutting larger andCUTCO Hardy Slicer High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives thicker meat. Made in the USA, this full tang blade is riveted to the classic brown thermoplastic resin handle with nickel-silver alloy rivets. The handle also contains thumb and index finger handles for better control during the cutting process. The forever guarantee on the knife means no need to sharpen it at home, especially serrated knives that are difficult to sharpen. This knife is also dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended. It does not come with a cover or blade protector. 


  •  The dimensions are 5 x 9.75 x 1.4 inches, weighing 9.4 ounces
  • Full Tang, Triple Rivet Construction- High Quality Nickel-Silver Alloy Rivets
  • Thermo-resin ergonomic handles will not crack, chip, fade or absorb material
  • Manufactured entirely in USA by American craftworkers
  • Strength and durability, can be used for seasons to come
  • Guaranteed Forever Like all Cutco products- Free sharpening and replacement forever!

Model Cutco Traditional Cheese Knives

The 1764 CUTCO Traditional Cheese Knife with 5.5-Inch Micro-D Serrated Edges really stands out from the crowd. However, users will soon discover that this model is definitely more than just aModel Cutco Traditional Cheese Knives pretty face. This cheese knife is really a treat. If necessary, you can cut very thin slices of cheese and the cheese will not stick to the blade. The serrated edges allow you to cut the cheese effortlessly. This versatile model can also be used to cut fruits, vegetables and other types of food. It is so comfortable to hold in the hand that the owner wants to use it as much as possible.


  • The dimensions are 1.7 x 10.55 x 0.75 inches, weighing 5 ounces
  • Silver, Stainless steel blade with micro-D serrated blade edge 
  • Designed for cutting hard to soft cheeses
  • try it on vegetables and fruits, like potatoes and tomatoes
  • Perforations keep dense foods from sticking

CUTCO French Chef Knife with High Carbon Stainless blade

French Cutco 9¼” Straight Edge Chef’s Knife (1725) is made of 440A high carbon stainless steel. This American-made knife is suitable for larger chopping and dicing tasks. The handle is a classicCUTCO French Chef Knife with High Carbon Stainless blade brown thermoplastic resin and contains the thumb and index finger grip. The grip is safer to use. These knives like other ones also come with Forever Guarantee, free sharpening and repair. Although it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, it is recommended to wash by hand, and there is no blade guard or cover.


  • The dimensions are 3.4 x 16.35 x 1.15 inches, weighing 8.8 ounces
  • Stainless steel blade with plain blade edge, 9¼”  French chef knife with a classic brown handle for larger cutting tasks
  • ergonomic handle has a thumb and forefinger grip for safety
  • full tang blade is 440A high carbon stainless steel
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher although the manufacturer recommends hand washing
  • Guaranteed Forever Like all Cutco products- Free sharpening and replacement forever!


  • Finish of blade- Cutco knives are stamping knives; this means that the blades are drawn from stainless steel blades, then grounded and sharpened to make finished blades, rather than forged knives that are forged from steel sheets. Forged knives are usually identified by metal pieces located between the blade and the handle. These are usually more expensive knives.


  • Material of blade- 440A high carbon stainless steel is used not only for tableware, but also for dental and medical equipment, bearings, valve parts, molds, and many other parts. The 440A steel used in Cutco knives undergoes a three-step heating process. This creates a durable, flexible blade while keeping the edges sharp. Once Cutco knives are finished, they will be tested and inspected before they are sent for sale.Like the other members of the 440 series, 440A steel is considered a true stainless steel because 440A has the lowest carbon content compared to other 440 steels, which means it also has the highest level of resistance to corrosion. 

    The lower carbon content also means that 440A steel is slightly softer and easier to grind. 440A also contains about 17% chromium, which is essential for improving the corrosion resistance and heat resistance of steel and increasing the depth of hardening during heat treatment of steel.The Rockwell hardness of 440A is around 56; high-quality tools are of low value, but they still have good toughness compared to most tools manufactured in the world. If 440A is heated to a very high temperature during production, it may also be harder than this. The Rockwell hardness test is a method of measuring the hardness of metals (it can also be used for some plastics).


  • Tang- Majorly, most Cutco knives are full tang blades, which means that the blade continues through the length of the handle and rivets hold the handle to the tang of the blade. There are part tang blades in which the tang only runs into the handle for one or two inches, so it can be said that full tang blades are more robust. The part tang blades are more likely to break while being used, especially if more pressure is applied when cutting. A full tang also helps to balance the knife’s weight by acting like a counterbalance to the weight of the blade.


  • Type of blade- Serrations allow the blade to sink into the food surface. When the serrated blade moves back and forth in the food, the gap between the teeth can reduce friction. No friction means that grooves or teeth can easily cut food without dragging or tearing. Serrated knives are most suitable for cutting hard and softer foods such as bread and cakes.They can also be usedin cheese and cooked meats, making it easier to cut tomatoes and soft-skinned fruits, as well as harder fruits such as pineapple or melon. Cutco uses proprietary serrated designs, called DoubleD and Micro DoubleD, for smaller serrated blades.


  • Handle- The full tang handle is actually composed of two identical scales and halves, and is mentioned when talking about the knife handle. If they are made of thermal resin or other synthetic materials, they have many advantages in the kitchen and can be hygienic. In addition, it is very durable to endure for a long period of time.The knife handle is generally molded to give an ergonomic grip and a grip for the thumb, and only those found in the Cutco grip. . Most Cutco knives come with classic brown handles. 


People looking for superior knives should make sure to take a closer look at Cutco. The Cutco series includes a host of durable, beautifully crafted knives. These knives are made of high-quality materials and are known to be particularly durable. In fact, people who buy knives from Cutco find that they can last a lifetime. This is supported by an excellent warranty and customer service. With more than 70 years of experience, Cutco can bring many skills and is trustworthy.

Cutco products are a great addition to your kitchen. Its products assure users of quality and good service. One thing Cutco has insisted on from the beginning is the lifetime warranty they offer on each product. Their lifetime warranty is slightly different than what other companies typically provide. Even if you damage a Cutco product, you can return and replace it for free.

On the other hand, many people may have problems with money-back guarantees. The usual money-back guarantees offered by most other companies last for 30 days, while Cutco only offers 15 days. For some people, this may be a bit worrying, because 15-day use of cutlery is sometimes not enough. Ensuring the sharpness and appearance of the product is usually completed within a few days, but it takes more time to see if the tool is dull or damaged. However, the 15-day money-back guarantee does not mean that Cutco’s tableware does not meet the promised standards.


  • Do you have to buy Cutco knives through a sales rep?

No, you can also purchase Cutco knives at Cutco Kitchen retail stores or online at or Amazon. Sometimes member stores like Costco can sell Cutco products.

  • How much does it cost to get your knives sharpened by Cutco?

Sharpening is free, but you need to pay for two-way shipping. The return shipping fee varies according to the number of knives you sharpen. The cost is $9 for $1 to $5, $11 for $6 to $10, $13 for $11 to $25, and $16 for $26 to $40 in the United States.

  • Can you sharpen your Cutco knives at home?

You CAN sharpen Cutco straight-edge knives at home. However, you CANNOT sharpen Double-D edge knives at home; they must be returned to Cutco for sharpening.

  • How long do Cutco knives last?

In theory, forever (or during the company’s existence). Forever Warranty provides replacement or repair services for all knives used at home. Some testimonials claim that these knives have been used for more than 60 years.

  • Why are Cutco knives so expensive?

They are purchased (raw materials) and manufactured in the United States and sold primarily through sales representatives. Home demonstrations are an efficient way to display and sell knives, but the process will cost the business money, increase costs, and ultimately increase the price you pay. They also have physical retail stores, which will increase costs. In addition, Cutco has a long history of producing high-quality tools, and because of this record, they can demand higher prices.

  • What is the composition of the steel Cutco uses?

The chromium content of 440A steel is 16% to 18%, 0.60% to 0.70% carbon, up to 0.75% molybdenum, up to 1% manganese and 78% iron.

  • What is the highest temperature that the handle can withstand?

In case you mistakenly place the knife on a hot surface, the handle can withstand 300-350 ° F before melting.

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