Best Handheld Can Opener | Buyer’s Guide

A tool used in the kitchen is a Handheld Can Opener. We tend to take for granted—when it’s gone you’ll miss it desperately, you might not think about it much while it’s sitting in a drawer. In a moment of mid-move desperation not too long ago, take that from a person who was dumb enough to hack at their black bean can with a paring knife.

Manual can opener are increasingly flimsy, made with elements of plastic. Or, with gimmicky bonus features, they can be loaded. Unless you’re using the same all-metal rotary opener that’s been in the family for years, there’s a good chance you’ve run through multiple devices that just keep breaking.

To save you the money and frustration of another bad purchase, we chose 10 highly-rated Handheld Can Opener and put them to the test opening every size can under the sun, evaluating for speed, comfort, durability, and safety, among other factors.

Those who use a lot of canned foods or have trouble using their hands, electric openers are the right choice for them, they can take up valuable counter space—making a good manual opener essential.

Good Cook handheld Manual Can Opener

This accurate and secure heavy duty can opener is particularly brought into to carefully detach the lid from the can without producing prickly-edges or coming in contact with food materials that occupy the can. A rust-proof, gear-driven blade and an Good Cook handheld Manual Can Openerelongated approximately constructed handle that enables the slip-resistant plastic knob to turn with low effort are some of the highlighted features of the can. This product is professionally made to resist breaking, warping, scratching, staining, or tarnishing.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a Handheld Can Opener that won’t break the bank because it is available at a reasonable cost and still does the job well. It earns extra points for easy usage and slim design. To grab the can there’s no need to squeeze the handles, since the mechanism of cutting latches on as you begin turning, whereas the chrome loop maintains the position of the opener properly for an opening. 

There are no sharp edges seen to worry about once the can is open, as this unseals the side of the lid. The heavy-duty chrome production is supposed to be breaking, warping, scratching, staining, or tarnishing resistance, although a few customers say it broke after a short term of use- a year. Most of the customers say they are happy with their purchase.


  • Gentle, safe edges are left by the patented design after cutting
  • The cutting wheel never gets in contacts with food and so cross-contamination risk is eliminated
  • Heavy-duty chrome construction
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Guarantees 100% satisfaction- This product is guaranteed to be free from any damage. Please contact us if you are not provided with the guaranteed satisfaction from the product, we are glad to help

Rosle Stainless Steel handheld Manual Can Opener

Manufactured entirely from stainless steel. Opens any can smoothly and easily. We are proud to say that this product doesn’t leave any sharp edges behind and doesn’t come in contact with content.

Eating is a dynamic exposure related to most of our senses. Appreciation starts long before the taste buds get manipulated with Rosle Stainless Steel handheld Manual Can OpenerRösle Kitchen Utensils – it begins with quality, functional products. Rösle offers you hundreds of unique and marvelous products for preparation and cooking, an A – Z for the gourmet, with every single thing from the Apple/Pear Cutter to the Zester with Canelle.

This stainless steel can opener is the way to go, only if the cost isn’t an issue. The high-quality stainless steel would not rust, tarnish, or fall apart as time goes by, and it looks pretty in any kitchen background. Most importantly, The cutting mechanism is perfectly sealed and would never come in contact with food.

Lateral cutting makes sure that no pointed edges can cut fingers, and the lid can be placed back on the can for storing it for the short term. The hanging hole on the handle also ensures that it is easy to reserve on a rack where it’s not hard to grab when you require it. Most reviewers agree on the fact that this particular manual opener is 100% worth the extra money and does not rust or tarnish over time.


  • The product is made up of Durable and clean 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Positioning pliers that are easy to grip onto the top of the can, lift the lid from the can and wouldn’t come into contact with the food.
  • Particularly shaped thumbscrew for easy and effortless turning
  • The cutting wheel that is lateral cutting avoids pointed edges along the rim and lid of the can
  • Hanging Ring is used for simple storage suitable perfectly for ROSLE’s Open Kitchen Design

KitchenAid Gourmet Soft Grip Can Opener

It is made much simpler to withdraw the lid without accidentally slicing your finger by having a magnet in your Handheld Can Opener. Everybody adores this KitchenAid can opener due to the fact that the magnet is strong enough to lift the lids without fail. Plus, theKitchenAid Gourmet Soft Grip Can Opener vibrant red color will add a bright pop of color to your kitchen. 

KitchenAid Gourmet Soft Grip Can Opener has a stainless steel cutter that pierces and cuts the can’s top, and then the lid is grabbed by the magnet to prevent it from falling into the can. This must be hand-washed and dried as soon as possible to preserve the cutting edge. If you want a more multipurpose color for your kitchen, this specific model also comes in black and gray colors. People who review say that this Handheld Can Opener is heavier than expected, but the extra weight enables it to easily open larger and thicker cans.



  • The cutting blade is formed from powerful stainless steel that will simply puncture and open all kinds of cans.
  • A massive, effortless to clutch turn knob permits for opening of cans without much difficulty; includes a magnetic lid remover.
  • This Handheld Can Opener is highly durable and features appropriate handles that give out a sure grip while usage
  • Hand washes recommended using warm water and a mild detergent; immediately rinse and dry.
  • It comes with a 1-year dispute-free replacement and Limited Warranty of a Lifetime.

Bartelli Soft Edge 3-in-1 Ambidextrous Safety Can Opener

All your cans will be opened quickly and easily by Bartelli soft edge manual can opener, without any effort-full compression required. The No-Squeeze one handle depiction enables it to automatically link and fastens onto the can with just a few turns of the knob, making it suitable for patients of arthritis or hand pain. 

The stainless steel cutting procedure cuts around the side forming a smoothly re-sealable lid with a secure leveled edge, perfect Bartelli Soft Edge 3-in-1 Ambidextrous Safety Can Openerfor keeping food covered during the preparation of a meal or storing for later usage. Advanced deceptive 3-in-1 design characteristics built-in, easy to use, bottle and jar opener.

It is exactly what anyone would need as an all in one kitchen gadget that helps you save space by keeping your kitchen drawers organized and clutter-free.


  • The Advanced squeeze-less cutting process automatically locks onto the can and cuts around the side leaving no pointed edges on the can or lid.
  • It attributes a squeeze-less single handle depiction and a large easy to turn the knob. Exclusive 3 in 1 depiction with built-in Bottle and Jar opener
  • Cans of any size are quickly and effortlessly opened by the High-quality stainless steel without requiring any strenuous squeezing.
  • This product is regarded as perfect for patients of arthritis or hand pain as it doesn’t require strenuous gripping and squeezing.
  • This product creates an effortlessly re-sealable lid with a secure gentle edge which is great for keeping food covered during the preparation of any meal.

Swing-A-Way Easy-Crank Can Opener with Folding Crank

Individuals who notice that twisting a small knob is not at all comfortable with them will love this can opener as it has a large crank handle. Don’t worry about how you would store an item with such a large crank handle. It is able to fold down for more compact storage.Swing-A-Way Easy-Crank Can Opener with Folding Crank

This classic Handheld Can Opener functions by piercing the top of the can and cuts sprucely around the inside edge to totally withdraw the lid. When you’re done with the work, it must be hand washed and dried as quickly as possible to maintain the cutting edge. The huge dimensions of this Handheld Can Opener make it perfect for opening XL cans that smaller openers may struggle with to open. People who review say this is a pleasant and agreeable can opener and many cherish the versatility of this gadget.


  • This Handheld Can Opener can easily cut through tough can tops effortlessly. The body is made out of highly durable steel.
  • The Swing-A-Way Handheld Can Opener shows off an XL crank handle that gives out a better grip; helping takes away the strain and pain from your hands during the usage. The storage is made easy by folding the crank down.
  • There are XL soft cushion grips for a delightful approach, the appropriate handles fit any size hand.
  • The cutting wheel is made of high-carbon and it easily glides across the tops of cans. The usage is made easy as the cutting is gentle and skip-proof. It also includes a built-in bottle opener.
  • Hand washes with lukewarm water and a mild detergent are recommended; rinse then immediately dry.

Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Smooth Touch Can Opener

If you have children or teenagers in your household who would like to help out in the kitchen, you should have to invest in a can opener that can open cans from the side of the lid so no sharp edges are created. Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Can Opener is considered as our top and best pick.Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Smooth Touch Can Opener

It is reasonable in cost and has user reviews over 1,400. There’s no need to squeeze the handle as the opener automatically grips the can as you start twisting the top handle. Mini pliers let you grip the edge of the lid for easy removal of the lid seems a little stuck after it’s opened.

To release the lid into the recycling bin just press a button on the side. A bottle opener, a twist-off bottle opener, and a hook are provided with this product.


  • Removal of the lid without touching and side cutting mechanism which automatically locks onto the top of the can
  • Maintenance of Hygienic – Opener never touches contents inside the can
  • Comfortable with stainless steel cutting mechanism and easy to use turn knob 
  • Instructions for use:
  • The turning knob must be positioned to point at 11 and 5 o’clock (2 gears underneath will be apart in the open position. ) with a rim on top of the can place with two half circles lined up.
  • Twist knob clockwise.
  • To release, turn the knob counter-clockwise. The can may not look Open.

Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Can Opener with Magnet

This opener is the one you need if you open a lot of cans in your household. The heavy steel construction will last for many years and the large crank handle makes it easy to open can after can. It can be mounted to a wall, which helps to save your valuable drawer space and gives you easy access when cooking (mounting brackets and screws are included). Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Can Opener with Magnet

You won’t have to deal with dull blades that don’t open because the cutting wheel is made from high carbon steel that will stay sharp for a long time. You won’t cut your fingers grabbing the lid yourself an integrated magnet grabs it when cutting is done. You’ll need to wipe clean any lingering food residue Since this unit remains attached to the wall. The people who reviewed it like that it folds back out of the way when not in use and a built-in bottle opener is available as an added bonus.


  • MULTIPLE OPTION OF STORAGE: This Handheld Can Opener saving your valuable drawer space because it can be easily mounted to walls, and while cooking it should be easy to access. The bracket and screws are provided with a purchase.
  • CONSTRUCTION WITH DURABLE METAL: This Handheld Can Opener is one of the products you can completely rely upon to get through any tough can tops easily. Extremely durable steel is used for the construction of the body.
  • 3 POSITIONS TO LOCK THE OPENER: When not being used this Handheld Can Opener can lock in 3 different positions.
  • SMOOTH AND EASY USE: The cutting wheel glides easily across the tops of cans which is made of high-carbon. The cutting is smooth and skip-proof provides easy usage. A built-in bottle opener is included.
  • INCLUDED MAGNET: For safe and simple disposal there is an integrated magnet that enables to lift lids off and decreases the risk of cutting your hands.

Nogent Classic Service Super Kim Manual Can Opener

This is a great option if you’re looking for a Handheld Can Opener that won’t break the bank because it has a reasonable cost and still does its job well. It earns extra points for easy usage and slim design. Since the cutting mechanism latches on as you start turning, there’s no need to squeeze the handles to grab the can while the chrome loop helps you position the opener properly for can Nogent Classic Service Super Kim Manual Can Openeropening. 


  • Handheld Can Opener designed easy to use: At the edge of the can put the blade and hold the can to prevent sliding and turn the handle in a clockwise direction
  • Constructed using high-quality steel, chrome-plated nickel; ideal for opening all type of cans with shapes and sizes
  • The cutter crimps and cutes the steel without leaving any sharp edges after opening the can
  • Butterfly screw handle coated with plastic is very comfortable to use; its compact shape makes it fit in any draw easily


Buyer’s Guide for Handheld Manual Can Opener

  • Overall Frequency

This is the first factor you should take into consideration because it’s going to Handheld Can Opener influence pretty much all of your other decisions. If you use your can opener every day like me, then you should need to focus on a model that you can feel comfortable while using.

At first elements like a comfortable handle and a knob that turns smoothly might seem insignificant, but they could make all the difference down the line. Use your Handheld Can Opener more often, the more you want to prioritize ease of use and the operation style.

On the other hand, if you’re not planning to use the Handheld Can Opener very often, then you should not need to focus as much on the model comfort aspects. Instead, you may need to find the can opener which is most reliable; one that requires a low amount of maintenance.

In such situations, a Handheld Can Opener that you can leave in a drawer and not have to think about would be more useful to you than the other one with an ergonomic handle or that comes in with a variety of colors. You can start building a proper list of priority features once you know your basic usage pattern.

  • Ease of Use

Ease of use is going to be incredibly important in a Handheld Can Opener for most people. I used to struggle with models that were unbelievably difficult to operate which really took precious time away from the other activities in my day. Without a perfect can opener, you may have a bad mood for the rest of the day

For the most part, electric can openers should be easier to use than manual can openers, since they deal with the actual act of cutting through the lid.

However, these models could be more expensive and more prone to malfunction and require extra care. Some manual models use gears and other designs to make easier turning motion, though you still need to put in some effort to perform the cutting. Your budget and your physical capabilities depend to find the right balance here. 

  • Safety Features

When shopping for a new Handheld Can Opener, it has to do with the edges of the lid is the most important safety feature you need to think about. There are a lot of manual and electric can openers available that cut into the top Manual Can Opener of the can, which can leave sharp and even jagged edges on it.

At the time of removing the lid, these sharp edges may cut your fingers or tear holes in your trash bags. You should want to focus on models that promise a smooth edge if reducing the risk of cuts from can lids is important to you. The majority of the Handheld Can Opener gain this by cutting underneath the rim of the can top, so that the entire lid comes off with a  gentle ridge. 

  • Durability

To look at the durability in a Handheld Can Opener there are two ways – overall lifespan and cutting power of the can. With a chromed or carbon steel model the lifespan of a can opener is going to be longer because the metal is so harder and better able to withstand the cutting impact into cans and the force that it takes.

Can openers that are made with these materials are also able to handle heavier cans, which can prove difficult for smaller models? You may want to avoid any Handheld Can Opener with handles which are completely made with plastic since these have more chance to break when you use them on a heavy metal can.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to use a handheld can opener?

  1. Open the arms of the can opener. 
  2. On the top of the tip of the can lid, place the cutting edge of the can opener 
  3. To puncture the lid of the can close the arms of the can opener 
  4. To rotate the cutting edge around the lid twist the can opener handle
  5.  To remove it, lift the lid from the can. (Check Video Here)

How To Use the GoodCook Safe-Cut Can Opener?

Simply attach the GoodCook Safe-Cut Can Opener metal wheel to the top of your can. Twist the can opener handle, continuing all the way around the can before you stopping it. Twist a half turn back to release the can opener after once cut.

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