Best Manual Coffee Grinder Buyer’s Guide

As a coffee lover, you know that grinding your coffee beans just before you brew your coffee is the only way you’ll capture the coffee’s full flavour and aroma in your brews. Big electric grinders work well at home, but when you’re on the go, you need something more portable; you need a manual coffee grinder (aka, a coffee mill). We’re going to help you pick the perfect manual grinder for you.

Although these hand grinders seem simple enough, they must be well-engineered if they’re to produce the precise and consistent grind you need. Other considerations include construction materials, size, function, and warranty. Read on to learn more.

ROK Coffee Grinder, Aluminum

Made possible by a fanatical community of fundraisers on Indiegogo, the ROK coffee mill may be a manual burr coffee mill stainless steel manual coffee grinderthat’s suitable for all sorts of coffee brewing. Made from durable die-cast aluminium, this grinder uses a group of 48mm chrome steel conical burrs to supply grounds on par with costlier electric grinders. 

The ROK coffee mill grinds beans with minimal effort, unlike other manual grinders. Require a mere 62 revolutions (30 seconds of grinding time) to supply a double shot of espresso. The longevity of the grinder is ensured by the quality engineering grade components used in its construction. Each grinder ships with an included grounds cup which will be used for measuring beans and catching coffee while grinding.


  • With an easily removable set of washers with  between stepped or step-less grinding 
  • With electric grinders, Grind consistency and stability on par 
  • Quieter grinding than electric coffee grinders
  • sliding or wobbling while grinding is prevented by non-stick rim
  • left-handed use, it is easy to use

Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Handground is the first portable manual coffee mill with a side-mounted handle. Placing the handle on the side allows for moremanual conical burr coffee grinder natural motion and therefore the ability to put your opposite hand on top of the grinder for stabilization. The handle is formed from solid aluminium and complimented by a gorgeous pakka wood knob.

Running down the middle of Handground maybe a chrome steel axle that drives the burr mill. The axle is mounted on metal bushings in three locations to stay it stable while grinding and eliminate burr wobble. Every axle is milled on a 5 axis CNC that preserves tolerances of 0.004 inches. The combination of added stability and razor thin tolerances allows Handground to realize a uniform grind, whenever.

The hopper opens extra wide so loading up to 100 grams of coffee may be a breeze. The top locks on with 1 / 4 twist to stop beans from flying out while grinding. If there’s not a scale available, each measurement mark on the side of the hopper represents ~10 grams of beans.


  • HIGH-QUALITY HAND coffee mill designed by thousands of coffee enthusiasts around the world to realize a uniform grind using the hand crank mill for any bean
  • DETACHABLE GRIND SELECTOR with 15 settings providing accurate to the coarseness of grind for your specific brewing method.
  • NUISANCE-FREE GRINDING Having A 40mm conical ceramic burr mill and triple mounted axle that eliminates burr wobble. These last 5x longer than stainless steel blades.  On a 5 axis CNC that maintains tolerances of 0.004 inches  Each axle is milled. The combination of added stability and razor thin tolerances allows Handground to realize a uniform grind, whenever.
  • DURABLE, PORTABLE, AND QUIET Over 90% of the noise that electric grinders produced are consistently eliminated with a convenient removable hand crank mechanism. Great for camping, travelling, and stores coffee within the bottom glass jar.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder (Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder)

For newcomers to home coffee grinding, Manual Burr coffee maker with grinders are excellent options. They’re small, durable, and, because Breville coffee grinder manualof low prices, require less commitment. Ironically, at 20-30 dollars, Manual Coffee Grinder are often cheaper than blade grinders but perform far better . Grinding coffee by hand can take some effort, but it’s very rewarding.


  • BUILT-IN ADJUSTABLE GRIND SELECTOR –   you’ve got 100% precision & control over the coarseness of your coffee beans making for the right grind to start your day with over 18 click settings.
  • COMFORTABLE  & SIMPLE TO UTILIZE: Our detachable hand crank mechanism permanently reduces more than 90% of the noise that electric grinders make. No batteries, power, or long plastic cords needed to work your portable compact manual grinder.
  • PATENTED CERAMIC COMBO BURRS – Our signature burr grinder blades are designed and tested through three professional grade inspections to last 5x’s longer than stainless steel blades.
  • COFFEE IS IN OUR DNA – Each JavaPresse product is meant to liberate and empower you to rework your favourite whole bean coffee ritual into an unprecedented daily experience.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill (Hario manual coffee grinder)

In Japanese, HARIO means “The King of Glass”. This Japanese company has been manufacturing glassware of the highest qualitymanual coffee grinder Walmart for general consumers and for industrial uses Since its founding in 1921.  This hand grinder has been designed by Hario to supply coffee lovers with a cheap means to possess freshly-ground coffee, even while travelling with a light-weight load. 

All manual coffee grinder use burrs made of ceramic. The ceramic burrs don’t transfer heat and shave the coffee berry versus cracking the bean like blade grinders. This process provides a more consistent grind which will easily be adjusted and set for repeat use.


  • Features conical ceramic burrs.
  • Grind setting is easily adjustable.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Ceramic burrs are durable and easily maintained.
  • Conical burrs will consistently yield a good grind, even and particularly for espresso.
  • Glass receptacle makes this grinder a superb tool in the listening to a ground coffee’s dry aroma.
  • Holds 100 grams of ground coffee.

Hario Small Coffee Grinder

Don’t be fooled by the name of this manual grinder, the Hario Small Coffee Grinder will hold a very respectable 28g of ground manual conical burr coffee grindercoffee, which would be enough to make an average pot of coffee. The Hario Small Manual Coffee Grinder is made out of wood and the handle is stainless steel. It is quite obviously made to last and it has an almost antique coffee grinder look. 

Although the design of the Manual Coffee Grinder may look a bit old fashioned, it still has all the modern features that you would expect from a best manual coffee grinder, including magnets that hold the drawer securely closed while you are grinding, and rubber feet that stick to the countertop.

 The small size of the Hario small hand coffee grinder makes it very easy and comfortable to hold. You could quite easily take a walk around the kitchen while grinding with this grinder if you wanted to.

 The coarseness of the grind can be adjusted, but like all manual coffee grinder it takes a little bit of experimenting to get the coarseness exactly how you want it, and the consistency of the grind is as good as any other hand coffee grinder that we have reviewed. The whole unit has a very sturdy feel to it. 

 It is well made and the quality of the components looks good. The time that it takes to grind coffee with the Hario Small Coffee Grinder is probably a little bit longer than it was some of the other models in our Manual Coffee Grinder reviews, but if speed is all you are interested in, you’d buy an electric coffee grinder.


  • Wonderful design 
  • Good consistency 
  • Very well made 
  • Lots of nice touches that you wouldn’t get in a cheaper hand grinder 
  • A very nice small hand coffee grinder.

Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr by Cozyna

The Cozyna Travel Manual coffee grinder is meant with a sleek and slender durable chrome steel body which makes it very easy toManual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr by Cozyna carry while grinding. Unlike electric blade coffee grinder, this portable manual coffee mill delivers greater control over your grind because it uniformly grinds fresh coffee beans. 

 Using a burr Manual Coffee Grinder also helps to extract the aroma and flavour from the coffee beans whereas grinding with blade coffee bean grinders will actually heat the beans, ultimately resulting in loss of flavour. 

 Another benefit to using the Cozyna coffee berry grinder compared to other coffee berry grinders is its adjustable grind size feature which allows you to form a spread of coffee drinks from french press and Aeropress to espresso. Not only does the Cozyna Travel Manual coffee mill produce better results, but its skinny chrome steel body also makes it the simplest coffee mill for travelling and hiking. 

This hand Manual Coffee Grinder was specifically designed to fit into an Aeropress, creating the perfect travelling duo. Now you can have freshly ground coffee anywhere anytime!


  • PRECISE AND CONSISTENT GRIND: Regardless if you’re grinding for french press or Aeropress, the ceramic conical burr coffee mill helps to grind the coffee beans during a uniform size. Unlike blade grinders, this manual conical burr grinder will provide you with far more control over your grind.
  • ADJUSTABLE GRIND SIZE: Unlike blade coffee bean grinders, the Cozyna Travel Manual Coffee Grinder contains a ceramic conical burr which gives you the option to adjust your coffee whole bean grind size. Simply turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise so as to succeed in the right size for your specific coffee drink.
  • PORTABLE: The Cozyna coffee berry grinder was specifically designed to suit into an Aeropress making it easy to require with you while hiking, camping or on vacation. This is the best Manual Coffee Grinder for travel. It is so compact it will take up minimal space in your backpack.
  • DESIGNED FOR AEROPRESS: This hand coffee grinder was specifically designed so that it could fit into an AEROPRESS and be taken while travelling
  • RUST FREE: This burr coffee mill is formed of high-grade chrome steel which provides it with a contemporary look, but most significantly increases its durability. Due to the ceramic conical burr, and therefore the sleek chrome steel finish, there’s no got to worry about damaging rust.

Defence C50 Vintage Style Grinder Spice Grinding 

Do you love great coffee and need to grind your specially selected beans to a T with a grinder which will do a good, consistent manual conical burr coffee grindergrind? This for option manual coffee grinder is set if your preferred brewing method is pour-over, Turkish, press, espresso or  French.

You can even use this grinder to grind some sorts of spices if you wish. It’s intended for coffee but if you’d like to use it as a spice grinder you’ll find it useful as well. This grinder features a chrome steel burr which is definitely adjustable by turning the knob on the highest to line your favourite grinding size. 

This is a perfect accessory for any occasion, whether you are a professional coffee drinker who wants to control the size of your coffee grain to perfection or an amateur who just wants to bring your coffee taste to the next level. 

With this manual or hand, crank coffee mill will achieve all of them. Presenting this manual or hand crank coffee mill to someone special or anyone who loves coffee may be a wonderful holiday gift and its exquisite look even makes a chic Decor. 


  • Manual coffee mill – old world style mill grinds Coffee beans to perfectly coarse or fine finish; Use for Espresso, Java, spices, herbs, nuts & more
  • Easy manual hand crank – unit requires no electric plug; simply twist cog nut to vary setting, load beans in a bowl & rotate the ergonomic handle to grind
  • Convenient catch drawer – forged iron coffee mill Mills directly into no mess container; open drawer to feature cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate 
  • Fun vintage look – fully functional piece makes a beautiful display for your home décor; built of top quality pine wood, ceramic core & forged iron.

Buyer’s Guide To manual coffee grinder

  • When Looking For The Best Manual Coffee Grinder, What Should You Consider?
    Don’t skip the temptation to spend a little time and money investing in a better than average hand grinder. You can’t underestimate the importance of the grinding process.

    So now it’s time to understand what separates a good grinder from a bad one. Don’t ignore the following when shopping around:
    • Size (Or Lack Thereof)
      If you want to grind on the go, you’ll want to consider buying something that incorporates a sleek, cylindrical shape that makes it easy to store and easy to grip. Less is more when it comes to portability, however, if you’re not concerned with travelling with your hand grinder, something nice and vintage-looking may suit you more.
    • Capacity
      We talk about portable Manual Coffee Grinder as being small and compact. This means there’s a limited amount of beans you can crank in one go. It’s important to be realistic – you want a Manual Coffee Grinder that has the right capacity for you. If you’re looking to cater coffee for more than 2-3 people, expect to get a good arm workout during the grinding process.
    • Quality Of Material – Will It Last?
      We are talking about the burrs here as they go through the most stress. You have 2 options, steel or ceramic, both with its good and bad points (1). Consider stainless steel burrs if you are travelling as they are durable and easy to clean. Ceramic burrs are fine if you plan to keep your grinder at home.
    • Number Of Grind Settings
      How many settings does your Manual Coffee Grinder have and how easy is it to change between them? It’s no good to have something that ‘just grinds’, you’ll need something that grinds to different tastes to make the best coffee. You’ll also want a grinder with functional applications that will produce the same results no matter where you are grinding.

Having said that, no grinder (manual or electric grinders), is absolutely perfect – although, a good quality electric can produce better results. If you want to perfect your grind, you want to consider a coffee sifter. A system of tiered sieves that creates uniformity – which ultimately will enhance your brew.

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