Meat Cleavers Knife Guide & Frequently Asked Question

Why do Meat Cleavers Knife have a hole ?

 Meat cleavers are especially designed for chopping meat. A cleaver is a type of large knife available in various shapes but mostly comes in a rectangular blade shape. Now the question arises, 

Why is there a hole in the cleaver at the other side of the cutting edge? 

The hole in the cleaver was initially meant for hanging it from somewhere. Hanging it from somewhere made it easily accessible and also the purpose of safety was an important factor. The hole was meant for hanging because of the large size of the cleavers it is not possible to store them in drawers or anywhere else & it in the open it can be risky for people. Therefore hanging it from a greater height ensured much more safety. The meat cleavers therefore can be hung easily with the help of a nail or even a rope. The hook was there to ensure its easy accessibility and also to keep it under control when hung at a higher height. 

Apart from the actual purpose of hanging, the hole in the meat cleaver acts helpful when the cleaver is stuck on a piece of meat, by putting a finger in the hole it can easily be pulled off.  Large meat cleaver offers more resistance than the ordinary meat cleaver. When cutting a large piece of meat it offers resistance & often we get stuck on such a large pair of meat but the hole in the cleaver helps to reduce the resistance. Each of the best meat cleavers have a hole in them according to their shape & sizes. 

Meat Cleaver Knives

Why use a cleaver ? 

The meat cleavers that are used in kitchens today were found built approximately 4500 years ago. The meat cleavers are said to have a long history and have originated in China. In fact meat cleavers are also called Chinese chef’s knife since they originated in China. They were built for the purpose of  chopping the meat of large size animals and other items like pork, red meat etc. The ancient meat cleavers looked somewhat similar to the meat cleavers that we have in use these days. So the main purpose of a meat cleaver is to chop large chunks of meat. 

The meat cleavers are much larger in size than the regular kitchen knives. These large meat cleaver have a sharp and straight edged blade which is helpful while cutting a large chunk of meat.

Therefore while dealing with huge amounts of meat and in large chunks it is best to use a cleaver. If knives are used for such purposes then it may take a lot of time to process that much meat. Also with such knives such a task is practically impossible therefore meat cleavers are used. In Japan the Japanese meat cleaver knife is used mainly for cutting the head part of the fish. Meat cleavers are nowadays used across the world for cutting and chopping different types of meat. These days renowned chefs also use meat cleavers, some even go for antique meat cleaver whereas earlier it was used by butchers only.

What are meat cleavers used for ?

Meat cleavers are generally very large in size and people often find it difficult to store, but cleavers have a certain property and are used for particular purposes. To begin with cleavers can be easily used for slice, dice and mice the meat in smaller pieces. Most meat cleavers these days are made up of stainless steel and since cleavers have to deal with a lot of blood from the meat, the stainless steel prevents the blood from sticking on its surface. Even if the blood gets stuck it can easily be washed off.

Breaking the meat into manageable pieces is the actual job of a meat cleaver, this is a very much required step in big restaurants.

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How to sharpen a meat cleaver ?

Sharpness is an important feature in any knife especially in meat cleavers. To cut deep through bones and fat meat a sharp cleaver is required. The meat cleavers tend to lose their sharpness over a span of time due its heavy usage. Thereafter the cleavers need to be sharpened, beginning with the first step that can be taken is sharpening with whetstone. The whetstones are very fine grained materials designed to sharpen cutting tools in particular.

To sharpen the cleaver it is advisable to begin from the heel and go upwards to the tip. It should be sharpened at a 22.5 to 30 degree angle. After sharpening the meat cleaver one should wash it properly to avoid getting metal particles in the food.

Where can I buy a meat cleaver ? 

Meat cleavers are a good investment to begin with & makes our job of processing the meat much easier. Meat cleavers were earlier only used by butchers & hence it was difficult to get meat cleaver. But now the task has become a lot easier & meat cleavers can be brought online even. Buying meat cleavers online is a much easier task as they will be packed and safely delivered to our doorsteps. But while buying online one should be aware of the type of meat cleaver needed specifically. Because cleavers are of different types and sizes, there are meat cleavers & vegetable cleavers as well. 

As to answer the above question, meat cleavers are found in shops too but it is better to buy them online in order to meet your requirements. While buying online one can easily check the best meat cleaver knife available, go through the reviews and also draw a comparison between other cleaver knives. 

Meat Cleaver Knives

What does a meat cleaver look like ?

Meat cleavers are large, heavy knives which resemble an axe in shape and size. Traditionally cleavers were made out of heavy steel material but at present times they are generally made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel helps the cleavers to retain its longevity. Cleavers were earlier designed to cut and chop through meat, soft bones & other things but nowadays  vegetable cleavers are also available.

The all purpose cleavers generally have a broad blade like structure along with that nowadays lighter and narrow bladed cleavers are also available which are meant for slicing thinner pieces or for a gentle slicing. Cleavers generally come with a large wooden handle to have a steady grip while cutting through the meat. At the opposite side of the cutting edge there is a small hole meant for hanging cleavers.

How to use a meat cleaver ?

Using a meat cleaver can be tricky sometimes but once you master the technique it is all easy. To begin with first you need to set a board to place the meat upon, much like a chopping board. After setting the board right, hold the cleaver nearer to the blade, then place the thumb on the side of the handle and then form a curl with the remaining fingers over the other side of the handle. 

The second step after this is to raise the arm above slightly from the elbow and then chop the meat. It is advisable to use your wrist to apply the force and control the knife. Meat cleavers should be used carefully & the right technique should be used while handling the cleavers otherwise it can be risky for the user.

How to cut a chicken with a meat cleaver ?

While chicken pieces are more tender & can easily be cut with a butcher knife or other knives cutting with a cleaver will help to achieve finer pieces of meat. When comparison is done between a meat cleaver vs butcher knife, meat cleavers are better & cutting a whole chicken with a cleaver is a much easier task.

 To begin with, the meat should be first placed on a chopping board. Then with a meat cleaver a incision should be made along the center of the breast precisely. Then holding the meat cleaver steadily closer to the blade chop through the bones in the breast. Divide the chicken into two halves with the help of the cleaver and hands as well. After that separate the bones from the chicken and discard them. Later on, cut each piece according to your preference & the type of dish you are going to cook. So the job of cutting the chicken with meat cleaver is done finally. 

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