Best old fashioned electric ice cream maker | Buyer’s Guide

Old fashioned electric ice cream makers are small & affordable for personal consumption. In recent times, there has been much-spurted demand for ice cream makers because of the increasing craze among the younger generation for ice creams. Several brands and companies are producing ice cream makers for normal household people.

An ice cream maker is not basically an essential kitchen tool, but if you have a love for ice cream and like experimenting with unique flavor combinations, investing in one is worthwhile. The type of ice cream maker depends largely on your budget, although we have added some quality old fashioned electric ice cream maker. Also, check the Philips Ice cream maker list. 

There are eventually three styles of ice cream makers:

  • Ice-and-salt: These old-fashioned makers tend to be the most affordable. You set a canister filled with ice cream base in a bucket of ice and salt and you churn the mixture, either by hand or with a motor clamped onto the machine’s top. If you want to make ice cream only for some time during the months of summer, and if you are not looking for the smoothest texture possible, this kind of machine might be a good option for you. The setup can get pretty messy, which is why it’s best for people with outdoor space.
  • Prefrozen bowl: This is the most common type of ice cream maker for several people which you have to freeze for eight to 24 hours. The bowl is kept into a separate machine like a freezer which churns the ice cream base easily. If you are opting for this option, it very budget-friendly, but the quality is not the same which you will get using an electric ice cream maker. You also can’t make back-to-back batches because you need to pre-freeze the bowl, which means you’ll be able to make only 1½ to 2 quarts of ice cream at a time.
  • Compressor: This type, a self-refrigerating ice cream maker, is the easiest to use. Just flip a switch, and you can turn out batch after batch of ice cream. These machines can be simple, with just a few buttons to operate, or loaded with automatic settings. Compressor models are the closest you can get to professionally spin ice cream at home. If you’re serious about your ice cream making game, this is the style to buy.

Let us now describe some of these best ice cream makers and mention their advantages, disadvantages, features and answering why they are preferred by people:

Nostalgia Electrics Wooden Ice Cream Maker

Memories of the old fashion ice cream makers from the past will make you happy with this Nostalgia ICMP400WD ice creamNostalgia ICMP400WD Electric Ice Cream Maker maker, It is the easiest way to make 4-quarts of ice cream fast with the help of frozen yogurt, or gelato. The features of locking mounted motor & easy-to-clean bucket with the four-quart of aluminum canister make it old fashioned electric ice cream maker.

Start by simply adding ingredients into its aluminum canister, placed in the middle of the bucket along with layer with salt and ice. The easy to clean plastic liner provides easy clean icecream & durable churn paddle produces delicious creamy homemade ice cream.


  • This Unit makes 4-quarts of delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato
  • Works with Nostalgia ice cream kits
  • The plastic bucket that wipes away messes with ease
  • Stores Leftover ice cream in the freezer through a see-thru lid that is included
  • Electric Motor does all the churning
  • The Electric motor locks into place
  • Recipes included in the manual

PMWMIME412: White Mountain Ice Cream Maker Review

If you want an old fashioned electric ice cream maker for your home or an ice cream machine that will fulfill your requirements White Mountain PMWMIME412 Ice cream makerOR commercial kitchen demand of your kitchen, the White Mountain ice cream maker helps you to make frozen ice cream fast & easy.

This ice cream maker is specially designed with twin blade ‘dasher’. The inner blades turn both clockwise and counterclockwise whereas outer plastic canister turns clockwise.  This triple motion of White Mountain PMWMIME412 Ice cream maker helps the mixture from the outer walls back onto itself, creating creamiest and smoothest old fashioned electric ice cream ever made.

To start making your favorite recipe of ice cream by setting up set up White Mountain PMWMIME412 Ice cream maker, simply plug it in and put your recipe ingredients & you get your delicious ice cream ready to enjoy. This newly, improved version comes with a 12,000-rpm electric motor that is designed especially for smooth rotation. The White Mountain ice cream maker can be the center of attention on any home occasion.


  • You can make up to four quarts of delicious ice cream using this old fashioned electric ice cream maker within 20 40 minutes.
  • This electric ice cream maker has triple-action dasher with iron casting which gets self-adjusted to ensure uniform smooth, creamy result
  • The electric motor has 12,000 RPM with 3 heavy-duty gears which provide powerful torque, old fashioned electric ice cream maker with less effort
  • The inner canister is made from durable stainless steel Traditional wood bucket design in New England white pine, with the convenience of electric operation
  • The White Mountain PMWMIME412 comes with 5-year limited warranty  and ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • The box also contains a cool recipe booklet of ice cream.

AMERIHOME ICM6C 6-Quart Old Fashioned electric Ice Cream Maker

With this old fashioned electric ice cream maker, you can make up to 6 Qt ice cream. You can not compare Store-bought ice cream and fresh homemade ice cream. You can enjoy the family together during summer BBQs and enjoy delicious fresh ice cream AMERIHOME ICM6C 6-Quart Old Fashioned Ice Cream Makerwithin 30 minutes.

This old fashioned electric ice cream maker will give you memories of your grandma who used to have the same taste, the only thing changed is it been improved with modern conveniences. Its interchangeable machine design offers your two way of making ice cream. You can use either with an electric motor or using the hand crank.

The old fashioned electric ice cream maker can easily be installed in-home for making ice cream OR during party OR for BBQ and it keeps your hands free to ensure quality soft ice cream. You can use the hand crank to harden the ice cream mixtures at the end of the mixing cycle without having to use a freezer. The use of a hand crank is a great idea while camping without electricity.

The old fashioned electric ice cream maker has a pine tub that is sealed for long durability. The Ice cream crusher keeps ice and rock salt from binding up together, and its mixing paddle keeps ice cream mixture moving so it sets up evenly.


  • The machine has Combo design & offers two ways to make ice cream -Via hand crank OR electric motor.
  • It makes up to six quarts of rich and creamy ice cream.
  • You can make soft ice cream just in approx 30 minutes.
  • The can include aluminum can along with transparent plastic lid which is a sealed pine tub.
  • The box contains a product manual and a recipe book to help beginners to start with.

Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE: 4-Quarts Electric Ice Cream Maker

While this old fashioned electric ice cream maker model might reignite some of your memories, of salt rock ice cream, that makes a winner in our Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE: 4-Quarts Electric Ice Cream Makerarticle. The ice cream maker comes in three different colors—green, white & pink. It makes four quarts of soft ice cream easily. Its aluminum bowl freezer can be cleaned easily, But gentle wash for the plastic paddle is required.

It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make four quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato. The main feature of Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE ice cream maker is locking motor mounted over it You can easily clean the plastic bucket along with aluminum canister.

Simply add ice cream ingredients into an aluminum canister and then place it in the middle of the bucket. Then the layer of ice and salt let the electric motor do the rest. You can get your ice cream from this old fashioned electric ice cream maker in approx 20 Minutes. You can customize your recipe by adding strawberry preserves, candy pieces, cookie dough, etc.


  • The ice cream unit makes approx four quarts of ice cream with frozen yogurt or gelato.
  • It comes with a plastic bucket that wipes away messes easily.
  • You can store leftover ice cream in the freezer.
  • A carrying handle attached to the bucket makes it move around
  • Electric Motor does all the churning
  • The Electric motor locks into place
  • Recipes included in the manual

Buffalo Tools: Quarts Electric & Hand Ice Cream Maker

This Old Fashioned electric ice cream maker comes with Combo features of making ice cream Electric motor & Hand Crank Operated. Buffalo Tools: Quarts Electric & Hand Ice Cream MakerThe machine makes approx six Quarts of ice cream, along with metal straps and Carrying Handle with 1.85 Amp electric Motor. It’s Six Quart Aluminum Canister with lid & heavy Duty mixing paddle stir Stick easy latch motor and crank head system.

The best part of this model comes when it’s time to serve up your ice cream. It turns your kitchen counter into an ice cream parlor with a cone holder that fits both flat-bottomed wafer cones and pointy sugar cones. To simply serve press on the lever just like you would do for a commercial soft serve machine. You can easily add your favorite flavored toppings and mix it instantly.

Once your ice cream is ready you have to soft-serve only, this model has removable drip tray & easy to clean. You should take caution about it weight as it is heavy up to 15 pounds.


  • Overall width is20″ H x 21″ W x 13.5″ D and the Overall Product Weight is 14lbs
  • Material: Plastic and steel
  • Choose either electric method or hand-crank method for making your favorite old fashioned electric ice creams
  • Six Quarts aluminum is included with lid, pine tub, hand crank, electric motor, ice crusher and mixing paddle
  • Completion Time: 30 Minutes; Amount Produced: 6 Quarts

Aroma Housewares: Wood-Barrel Ice Cream Maker

Aroma Housewares: Wood-Barrel Ice Cream MakerThis model design is inspired by antique ice cream makers and carefully crafted from the finest combination of woods and metals. The product is both traditional and modern, bringing memories of old fashioned electric ice cream maker. Make your children happy by making their favorite ice cream flavor in just a few minutes, or experiment with custom ice cream recipes, and rest assured that this appliance is as easy to clean as it is to use.

Take turns with the traditional hand-crank or save tired arms with the motorized electric crank. It’s great for picnics, barbeques, and family get-togethers.


  • 6-Quart old fashioned ice cream maker.
  • Solid pinewood buckets.
  • Traditional and durable; designed to last a lifetime.
  • Aluminum mixing canister facilitates rapid freezing.
  • It comes with both the electric motor and die-cast hand cranks.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Fun for the whole family – great for barbeques, picnics, and get-togethers.

Rival 8550-X- Five Quart Wooden Old Fashioned Electric Ice Cream Maker

Rival’s wooden ice cream maker designed as old fashioned and traditional look. The electric fitted motor makes your ice cream Rival 8550-X- Five Quart Wooden Old Fashioned Electric Ice Cream Makerjust in 20 to 40 minutes & produces up to five quarts (approx 40 servings) of ice cream. The motor torque is designed to shut off automatically when the freezing is completed. All you need is rock salt, ice, and your ice cream flavors.

The Rival’s ice cream maker motor unit is designed up to 11-1/2-inch wooden bucket including a metal shaft with a plastic lid and cork stopper. The latch system secures its motor unit along with a bucket and a 45-inch cord allows good reach to the power outlet.

If you want to make well-spiced cider sorbet, vanilla ice cream, frozen strawberry yogurt, and many other flavors of ice cream simply insert dasher & place the lid on with motor unit engaged. The dasher does not turn during the freezing process; rather, the can turns around the dasher. Ice and rock salt layer inside the wooden bucket helps to keep the temperature low enough to freeze mixture completely.

In case of any leakage, the wooden bucket you can simply use a newspaper or a plastic tub to cover the leak. To give final touch you can keep the ice cream into the freezer to harden. All the parts except the mounted motor unit should be cleaned properly and dried before / after use. Rival covers one year warranty of this old fashioned electric ice cream maker.


  • Electric ice cream maker gives you approx five quarts of ice cream.
  • The bucket is bound with plated wire for the traditional look.
  • The motor has high torque and shuts off automatically after freezing. 
  • The system includes a metal can, a plastic cover, cork stopper & dasher
  • The whole system measures approx 10 by 11-1/2 inches along with A year warranty.

Aroma Housewares AIC-224WP – Electric Ice Cream Maker

This old fashioned ice cream maker is an addon for your family fun by making traditional Ice Creams. With both a traditional and modern touch with a plastic hand crank Aroma Housewares AIC-224WP – Electric Ice Cream Makerand a high torque electric motor, this ice cream maker is fun while making ice cream with modern convenience. If tired of the hand crank and want to give rest to arms then try electric motor to finish this job.

The metal aluminum canister helps your ice cream to freeze quickly. The handcrafted wood design bucket is made up of solid firewood that built last. While its four-quart capacity is enough to make ice cream for everyone. If you are not sure about what recipe to make? Then use its instruction manual containing a lot of ice cream recipes from classic flavor to custom flavors. Whether a barbeque (BBQ) or a birthday party or just any fun day at home, this electric ice cream maker gives Aroma of Traditional Ice Cream.


  • The machine includes electric high torque motorized churner (motor) and old-fashioned die-cast hand crank for manual use also.
  • The traditional solid firewood box gives it a dark pine color.
  • Four-quart capacity is enough to serve the whole family
  • The metal aluminum canister gives faster freezing.
  • The packaging also includes recipes for classic flavor ice creams.

Elite Gourmet EIM-924L Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker

The Elite Gourmet 4Qt. Old Fashioned Electric Ice Cream Maker churns out delicious homemade ice cream in just minutes. It Elite Gourmet EIM-924L Old Fashioned Ice Cream Makerfeatures a 4-quart heavy-duty aluminum canister and a powerful 90-rpm motor, so making ice cream is fast, convenient and fun for the whole family!

It’s great for entertaining at family parties, BBQ’s and picnics using all of your favorite ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and even frozen yogurt recipes. The motor turns a six-fin paddle that whips air into the ingredients producing a smooth, rich soft-serve ice cream. The paddle quickly crushes cookies, fruit, chocolate chips or a variety of other yummy toppings and thoroughly integrates them into the mixture.

The old-fashioned pine wood bucket holds ice and rock salt, keeping the canister at the optimal 10°F temperature. All parts conveniently remove for easy cleaning.


  • Makes 4 quarts of cold and creamy ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, or sorbet.
  • Hand-crafted solid Pine wood bucket.
  • Great for barbeques, family parties and picnics
  • Powerful electric motor-driven paddle to whip creamy consistency.
  • Makes fresh ice cream in just 40 minutes.

Nostalgia ICMP600WD Electric Ice Cream Maker

Combination of old fashion ice cream makers design with modern technique, this ice cream maker unit is the fastest and easiest way to make ice cream with frozenNostalgia ICMP600WD Electric Ice Cream Maker yogurt or gelato. The feature includes the locking motor mounted on top & easy to clean bucket & an aluminum canister in the center. You have to simply add ice cream ingredients into aluminum canister & place in the middle of the bucket. The ice and salt layer allows an electric motor to do rest.

Its durable paddle produces delicious quality homemade creamy ice cream. Also, it’s easy to clean the plastic liner. You can easily customize each ice cream recipe by adding integrants like Strawberry preserves, candy pieces, cookie dough, and much more flavor. Use the included lid cap to store the leftover ice cream into the freezer.


  • Makes up to 6-quarts of delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato
  • The unit works perfectly with all Nostalgia ice cream mixes.
  • The bucket makes it easy to clean up and wipe away messes
  • Cover the ice cream canister with an included see-thru lid to easily view ice cream flavor and for freezer storage
  • An electric motor does all the churning, which means no manual effort!
  • Notches keep the motor in place, keeping all parts secure during the ice cream making process
  • Reminiscent of Grandma’s simple hand-crank ice cream maker, this bucket is made with real wood slats to create an old fashioned ice cream making experience
  • Follow the recipes included in the manual or make your own delicious creation!

Guidelines on how to make Ice cream using old fashioned electric ice cream maker

  1. Pour chilled ice cream mixture into the cooled ice cream aluminum canister.
  2. Fill the ice cream aluminum canister 3/4 full. Then the mixture will get into the churning process, so do not overfill the canister.
  3. Insert dasher and make ensure, it is positioned perfectly into the canister indentation.
  4. Place cover on the ice cream aluminum canister.
  5. Place filled aluminum canister inside the bucket, make sure that it is centered with the bottom of the bucket. 
  6. Now fit the motor driver over ice cream canister & cover it, so that stem of dasher might engage with its hole in bottom of the motor.
  7. Plugin the ice cream maker wire into an outlet power supply.
  8. While the unit is running, add 2 inches of crushed ice to the bottom of the bucket.
  9. Sprinkle almost 1/4 cup rock salt over the crushed ice.
  10. Continue to layer the crushed ice and rock salt until the ice level reaches the top of the rotating ice cream canister.
  11. Wait about 20 to 40 minutes for the ice cream maker to stop churning. The ice cream will be much soft by now.
  12. Remove the motor driver and then remove the canister.
  13. Carefully clean the lid of the canister to prevent salt or water from entering the canister.
  14. Lift out the dasher and scrape it clean with a spatula.
  15. Pack down the ice cream in the canister and replace the lid.
  16. Place the ice cream canister in the freezer for a few hours until the ice cream becomes somewhat hard
  17. Transfer complete ice cream from containers to smaller freezer immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice cream maker

Question: How does a homemade ice cream maker work?

Answer: The resulting preparation is often chilled through either pre-cooling the machine or by employing a machine that freezes the mixture. An ice cream maker has to simultaneously freeze the mixture while churning it to aerate the mixture and keep the ice crystals small (less than 50 μm).

Question: How do you make ice cream step by step?

  1. Pour the milk, heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar in a blender
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. Add any chunky extras and blend again
  4. Pour mixture into a freezer-safe container
  5. Freeze the mixture for 6 to 8 hours
  6. Serve the ice cream with an ice cream scoop and freeze all the leftovers.

Question: How long does it take to make ice cream through an electric ice cream maker?

Answer: The unit should run for 25 to 40 minutes before the ice cream has thickened enough. Start checking the ice cream after 25 minutes. Depending upon the amount of ice cream  you have added into the unit it may take some additional time. The ice cream must be thick but soft to scoop.

Question: How much salt do I put in my ice cream maker?

Answer: To make and pack up to 4 quarts of ice cream, you will need about 15 pounds of crushed ice and either 4 cups of table salt or 6 cups of rock salt. Refer to the table below for more information. Wash the beater which is often referred to as the “dasher” on the top and cream it well before using.

Question: What ingredient makes ice cream creamy?

Answer: Most premium ice creams use 14 percent milk fat. The higher the fat content the richer the taste and creamier texture. Egg yolks are another ingredient that adds fat. Besides, egg yolks contain lecithin’s (emulsifiers), which bind fat and water together in a creamy emulsion.

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